How can I improve my current mirror?

There are several options to improve the output of Current Mirror Circuit. In one of the solution one or two transistors are added over the traditional two transistors design. Construction of those circuits uses emitter follower configuration to overcome the base current mismatch of the transistors.

What is current mirror in CMOS?

Current Mirrors : The current mirror circuits are simple current sources which gives constant current. The current mirror circuits are based on the principle that, if the gate to source voltage of two identical MOSFETs are equal then the drain current flowing through them is equal.

What is the advantage of using Wilson current mirror?

A Wilson current mirror or Wilson current source, named after George Wilson, is an improved mirror circuit configuration designed to provide a more constant current source or sink. It provides a much more accurate input to output current gain. The structure is shown in figure 11.9.

How does a Wilson current mirror work?

A Wilson current mirror is a three-terminal circuit (Fig. 1) that accepts an input current at the input terminal and provides a “mirrored” current source or sink output at the output terminal. The mirrored current is a precise copy of the input current.

What is the purpose of a current mirror?

A current mirror is a circuit designed to copy a current through one active device by controlling the current in another active device of a circuit, keeping the output current constant regardless of loading.

What is the need of a current mirror?

The main function of the current mirror is to provide active loads as well as bias currents to circuits and also used to form a more practical current source.

What is the purpose of using current mirror?

The current mirror is used to provide bias currents and active loads to circuits. It can also be used to model a more realistic current source (since ideal current sources don’t exist).

What is desirable for a current mirror?

A current mirror circuit is used to copy one active device’s input current to the output of other active devices. This kind of circuit is also known as an ideal current amplifier including the inverting design that can overturn the direction of current flow.

Why current mirror circuits are important for differential amplifier?

Current mirror as differential amplifier T3 acts as a regulating valve which increases the current through the current mirror as Input A gets more power while T4 kind of does the opposite by draining current from the mirror with increasing input B power.