How can I make my app store search better?

7 App Store Optimization Tips

  1. Use Relevant Keywords. Researching the right keywords for your audience is essential.
  2. Optimize Your Title & Description.
  3. Include Compelling Icons & Screenshots.
  4. Add Video.
  5. Research Your Competition.
  6. Build Backlinks.
  7. Drive Traffic (and Downloads) to Your App Store Page.

How does the app store algorithm work?

When a user searches for a keyword, the app store search engine provides related apps for that specific keyword. Therefore, adding relevant keywords to your keyword list, description part, or to your title and subtitle makes your app visible.

What is difference between SEO and ASO?

The main difference between the ASO and SEO is that SEO is about ranking a website or content on a search engine while ASO is about ranking an app in a particular app store. The results that you will, therefore, get from doing both practices are quite different.

Does Apple use search engine optimization?

Apple SEO is the practice and art of optimizing web pages to achieve top search results in Apple’s search engine. And the launch of a new Apple search engine would, I believe, create a new Apple SEO arms race in the search engine optimization industry.

How is App Store ranking determined?

The higher an app is rated, the less volatile its rankings are. The 100 highest ranked apps in either store are updated much more frequently than the average app, and apps with older current versions are correlated with lower ratings.

Is Aso part of SEO?

In the end, what you need to remember is that ASO and SEO are not the same, even if both of them are optimizing processes with the goal of increasing organic traffic. Each of the two needs its own strategy for it to be efficient.

How do you make an ASO?

ASO optimization techniques

  1. Understand the users.
  2. Know what keywords to use.
  3. Choose the right name.
  4. Write accurate app descriptions.
  5. Don’t negate the importance of the app icon.
  6. Prepare high-quality screenshots.
  7. Add a preview video.
  8. Ratings and reviews.

How much does Apple spend on SEO?

The Cupertino tech giant spent $64.8 million to appear in search ads in 2020, which are ads that appear in results when users look something up using a search engine. Search engine optimization and targeting tool producer Semrush analyzed monthly traffic costs using its own tools to get the data.

Who does Apple use as a search engine?

Apple Uses Google’s Cloud Services After seeing both side of the Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS story – a case where the two tech giants work both against and alongside – one question that arises here is – Does the renowned ‘Android vs iOS’ debate still holds true?

What is Google app indexing?

What Is App Indexing? According to Google, “App Indexing lets Google index apps just like websites. Deep links to your Android app appear in Google Search results, letting users get to your native mobile experience quickly, landing exactly on the right content within your app.”

Can I do SEO work on mobile?

Mobile SEO refers to the search engine optimization of websites combined with flawless viewing on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the increasing boom of portable devices, webmasters should be highly concerned with their mobile SEO plan.