How can we put image map in JavaScript?

You can use JavaScript to create client-side image map. Client-side image maps are enabled by the usemap attribute for the tag and defined by special and extension tags.

What is an image map write a code to create an image map?

The HTML tag defines an image map. An image map is an image with clickable areas. The areas are defined with one or more tags.

What is an image map in JavaScript?

JavaScript can be used to create a client-side image map. An image map is an image on the webpage that has multiple links to other pages. These links are called hotspots. An image map is used to navigate different links to other pages or on the same web page.

What type of image map could be used with JavaScript?

Solution(By Examveda Team) You can use JavaScript to create client side image map.

How do you make a clickable area in HTML?

The HTML tag defines a clickable area (or hotspot) inside of an image map. You can associate a hyperlink with this clickable area. This tag must be within a tag. This tag is also commonly referred to as the element.

What is image map explain with example?

An image map is positional information XHTML and HTML which has details of coordinates related to a unique image. Unlike a normal image link where the entire area of image is linked to a single destination, an image map is created to hyperlink sections in image to different destinations.

How do you define different areas in an image map in HTML?

Use the tag to define area in an image map in HTML. Specifies an alternate text for the area. Specifies the coordinates appropriate to the shape attribute to define a region of an image for image maps.

What is the purpose of image map?

The intention of an image map is to provide an easy way of linking various parts of an image without dividing the image into separate image files.

Are image maps still used?

The bottom line is that if you want or need to use an image map, they are still a part of the standard, and they do have valid uses. Just try to make them as accessible and easy to use as you can.

Which of the following are two types of image maps?

Two types of image maps are client side and server side.