How difficult is it to get into IESE?

You need to know several things as a candidate and potential IESE student to approach your application in the best way possible. The admission rate for the MBA program is 26%, which is not too bad considering the institution’s prestige. The average GMAT score is 681, with 800 being the highest score possible.

What is a good acceptance rate for a collage?

What is the average acceptance rate for colleges? According to U.S. News, college acceptance rates average out to 68%. Although the hardest colleges to get into have less than a 10% acceptance rate, Pew Research Center found that over half of U.S. universities have an admissions rate of 67% or higher.

What is the easiest college to get accepted to?

The easiest colleges to get into are:

  1. Adams State University. Location: Alamosa, Colorado.
  2. University of Texas at El Paso. Location: El Paso, Texas.
  3. Eastern Washington University.
  4. Dickinson State University.
  5. Presentation College.
  6. Eastern Oregon University.
  7. Wright State University.
  8. Western Kentucky University.

Is it worth doing MBA from IESE?

Very internationally oriented school with an extremely diverse student body that contribute for a very unique experience. One of the best values for money (in terms of tuition costs + living costs in Barcelona) one can get among the top 10 business schools in the world.

Is 35 a good acceptance rate?

Reach (aka Long Shot): Your standardized test scores are near or in the bottom 25% of accepted students. Students accepted in the 25% and less range are often athletes or a different kind of special admit. The school has an acceptance rate of 35% or less. You have a possible chance at acceptance, but it’s not probable.

Is a 40 acceptance rate good?

College Admissions Profiles. Schools that accept between 20 and 40% of applicants are considered to be competitive–though not overwhelmingly selective.

What business school has the highest acceptance rate?

Stanford Graduate School of Business is the most competitive school on the list, overtaking its Ivy League rivals with an acceptance rate of 6.9 percent….

MBA Acceptance Rates – Top 20 US Business Schools QS Rank 1=
Business School Penn (Wharton)
Location Philadelphia (PA)
Acceptance Rate (%) 23.1

Who has the highest acceptance rate?

Top 100 – Colleges with Highest Acceptance Rates for 2022

City University of Seattle Bellevue, Washington 100%
Wilmington University New Castle, Delaware 99.9%
Nyack College Nyack, New York 99.8%
Montana State University–Billings Billings, Montana 99.7%
Cameron University Lawton, Ohio 99.6%