How do do the monkey business in GTA 5?

Monkey Business: Mission Objectives

  1. Navigate down the coast line.
  2. Gain entry to the lab.
  3. Go to the elevator.
  4. Incapacitate the lab workers.
  5. Take cover from the security guards.
  6. Put the nerve toxin into the refrigeration unit.
  7. Collect the container.
  8. Fly to the airfield.

Why is the monkey business mission disrupted?

Players trying to start this mission will frequently be met by a message saying “This mission has been disrupted”. This is because the method used to approach the start of this mission must be correct. To avoid this, the player can choose the skip trip option.

How do I trigger the monkey business?

Way to unlock: You need to complete Main mission 55 (derailed). You can now go to the meeting with Steve and Dave, which is to take place on the beach in the North-eastern part of the county (letter B on the world map). Additional information: This one is a quite long mission, which consists of three parts.

What does monkey business mean?

Silly, mischievous
monkey business. Silly, mischievous, or deceitful conduct, as in The teacher told the children to cut out the monkey business and get to work, or I don’t trust that lawyer—there’s some monkey business going on. This expression transfers the tricks of monkeys to human behavior. [ Late 1800s]

How do I get Michael and Trevor back into the city?

Michael and Trevor can still enter the city safely by way of submersible (such as during the nuclear waste collection side-mission), but using a boat (as in the mission to collect submarine pieces) is risky as they may be shot at if they go too close to the shore.

What did Trevor do to Martin?

Martin Madrazo runs a Mexican cartel in Los Santos, so inevitably, he gets on the bad side of Trevor. Rather than back down from a challenge, Trevor fights back. After a major disagreement, Trevor cuts off Martin’s left ear and kidnaps his wife, Patricia.

Why does the mission get disrupted in GTA 5?

NPCs sitting on the porch of a neighboring house may also interfere with the mission. To begin the mission, players must frighten them away.

How do you beat monkey business dark deception?

The monkeys will always be close behind, so always keep a finger on the sprint button. Additionally, avoid taking the longer corner routes if you’re close to being caught. You can always loop around again and pick up the missed gems.

What is this Tom Foolery?

Definition of tomfoolery : playful or foolish behavior.