How do I access Citrix web?

On the Windows Start screen or Apps screen, locate and click the Citrix StoreFront tile. Select the Stores node in the left pane and in the Actions pane, click Manage Receiver for Web Sites, click Configure, and choose Client Interface Settings. Select Enable Receiver/Workspace app configuration.

What authentication method is available for the Citrix Receiver?

Users with devices running Citrix Receiver for Windows or Citrix Workspace app for Windows can authenticate using smart cards, either directly or through Citrix Gateway.

How does Citrix pass through authentication work?

Pass-through authentication is a simple concept. User credentials are passed to a Web Interface site and then to the XenApp/XenDesktop servers, preventing users from having to explicitly authenticate at any point during the Citrix application launch process.

What is Citrix web interface?

Citrix Web Interface is an essential component that allows remote clients to access applications and full desktops published by a central server using a web browser or an online plug-in. Officially, it has been available for the general public since 2008, however, earlier it was called NFuse.

What is Citrix Receiver web?

A Citrix Receiver for Web site is a website used as an app store. Users can open the site in a browser and securely access applications, data, and desktops published for them through Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

What is Citrix authentication manager?

Authentication Manager is used by SSP to automatically authenticate requests to StoreFront or the Web Interface. AM uses the credentials securely stored in SSO to authenticate with StoreFront or the Web Interface. NetScaler Gateway is not currently supported for Fast Connect use cases.

How do I change my Citrix authentication?

Under the Computer Configuration node, go to Administrative Template > Citrix Components > Citrix Workspace > User Authentication, and select Single Sign-on for Citrix Gateway policy. Select Enabled. Click Apply and OK. Restart Citrix Workspace app for the changes to take effect.

What is remote access to Citrix?

Citrix solutions for remote access Citrix Remote PC Access is a solution that allows for a like-local performance and simple seamless access from any device, without having to install or load a VPN.

How do I find my Citrix Workspace URL?

The Workspace URL is ready to use and can be found in Citrix Cloud > Workspace Configuration > Access, where you can enable, edit, and disable your Workspace URL.

How do I use Citrix Web Interface?


  1. Connect and authenticate to the server selected to run Citrix Web Interface.
  2. Start Server Manager from the Start Menu.
  3. Select the Roles node in the left hand navigation pane.
  4. Click Add Roles.
  5. Agree to the Introductory Screen for the Add Roles Wizard by clicking Next.

What is the difference between Citrix Web Interface and StoreFront?

Web Interface displays the available resources. StoreFront sends the list of available resources including the existing subscriptions to the Citrix Receiver installed locally or displays them in Receiver for Web.