How do I add WiX extensions to Visual Studio 2015?

You can manually enable Visual Studio 2015 compatibility with WiX 3.9 or earlier:

  1. Copy. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\Extensions\Microsoft\WiX to.
  2. Then execute as Administrator: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\devenv” /setup.

How do I use WiX toolset in Visual Studio?

Adding a WiX setup project In Visual Studio, open your solution, and add a WiX project to it: go to the Visual Studio main menu and click File -> Add -> New Project to open the Add New Project dialog. Choose the Setup Project item in the Windows Installer XML node, specify the project name and click OK.

Is WiX toolset free to use?

Download. You can download the WiX toolset for free.

How do I download WiX toolset?

Step 1: To download and install WiX on windows, go to the official website of WiX as below and choose the recommended build number, here we have chosen V3. 11.1 and click on the download button.

How do I debug a WiX project in Visual Studio?

That way when running the MSI, a popup will be presented asking if you want to “Debug the program”. Click on this option and then choose the Visual Studio instance on which the custom action project is open on. The execution will stop at the break call (if not press F10) and you can start debugging.

What is a Wxs file?

Source file created by Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset, a Windows installer developing program; XML document containing one root element (); a collection of strings for localizing a product into a specific culture; similar to . CPP files.

How do I add toolset to Visual Studio?

You can add an external tool to appear on the Tools menu.

  1. Open the External Tools dialog box by choosing Tools > External Tools.
  2. Click Add, and then fill in the information. For example, the following entry causes Windows Explorer to open at the directory of the file you currently have open in Visual Studio:

Who uses WiX toolset?

Apple, EMC, IBM, Twitter, and thousands of other companies also depend on WiX. FireGiant co-founder and CEO, Rob Mensching, worked at Microsoft on installation technology for 14 years.

How do I debug a WiX code?

In the Wix Editor add debugger; at the point in your code where you want the debugger to run. Open your browser’s developer tools and browse to your published site. The Sources panel opens to your code file and points to the line where you added debugger;.

How does WiX Installer work?

The WiX tools follow the traditional compile and link model used to create executables from source code. At build time, the WiX source files are validated against the core WiX schema, then processed by a preprocessor, compiler, and linker to create the final result.

How to build Wix toolset project?

Building WiX Before your first build. To perform the one-time configuration the WiX build requires: Start an elevated 32-bit command prompt. Change directories to the root of your clone repository. Run MSBuild toolsOneTimeWixBuildInitialization.proj. This project registers the WiX assemblies for strong-name verification skipping.

What are limitations of Wix and Wix toolset?

You receive upgraded design templates. With the drag-and-drop design functions that Wix offers,you can have a modern website created in a few minutes.

  • The interface is intuitive and useful. It isn’t the best looking backend interface that you’ll find with a website builder today,but it is incredible useful.
  • You’re not locked into long-term plans.
  • How to skip pidkey requirement for MSI, using Wix toolset?

    First concentrate on creating well working msi installer for ASP.NET application only – point 4 – and perhaps just use self hosting app. This would significantly simplify deployment as one of he prerequisites (.NET Core) does not have to be bootstrapped – you remove point 1 of todo list.

    How to install Wix?

    declarative approach

  • unrestricted access to Windows Installer functionality
  • source code instead of GUI-based assembly of information
  • complete integration into application build processes
  • possible integration with application development
  • support for team development,both in-house and third-party
  • free,open source