How do I become an air hostess for Virgin Atlantic?

Be fluent in both written and spoken English. Be able to swim 25 metres unaided and tread water whilst putting on and manually inflating a life jacket. Be committed to undertaking an intensive 4.5-week training programme. Minimum of one year continuous face-to-face customer service experience desirable.

How tall do you have to be for Virgin cabin crew?

Do you have to be a certain height to be cabin crew? There’s no height requirement but you do need to be able to reach the overhead lockers, which is approximately 210cm, without shoes. Am I too old to apply? There’s absolutely no age limit and we invite everyone from all walks of life to apply.

How do I become a cabin crew UK?

If you want to become an air hostess by completing a college-level course, there are two ways of doing so: a Level 2 Diploma in Aviation and Cabin Crew, or a travel and tourism course that includes a cabin crew module. For a level 2 course, you generally need two or more GCSEs with grades of at least 3 (D or higher).

How much do Emirates cabin crew earn UK?

The typical The Emirates Group Cabin Crew salary is £2,100 per month. Cabin Crew salaries at The Emirates Group can range from £1,043 – £3,799 per month.

How much do cabin crew earn UK?

Base pay can vary greatly depending on the airline as some pay better than others, but you can expect a starting salary in the region of £12,000 to £14,000. Once you have some experience you’ll be able to earn a base rate of £15,000 to £19,000 a year.

Is cabin crew a good career?

Joining an international airline can considerably increase your income, earning Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh a month. But the competition is extremely fierce out there and a limited period of 8-10 years is at the average maximum time a cabin crew remains air-borne.

Can I be cabin crew if short?

Airlines don’t discriminate against super short or tall people, they care about the safety of their passengers.

How much do British Airways cabin crew get paid?

Crew will be able to earn up to £28,000 a year with flying/duty pay and a tax-fee subsistence allowance (basic pay is £16,800), as well as generous company benefits, including Staff Travel benefits from day 1 of joining us. You will receive an hourly payment when you’re flying and on duty.

How much do Ryanair cabin crew earn?

As the average pay of Ryanair’s cabin crew ranges between €24,000 to €40,000 and they can, by law, fly no more than 900 hours, the average flying hourly pay of our cabin crew varies between €26.67 to €44.44 per hour.