How do I change my FTL save file?


  1. Exit FTL.
  2. Double-click FTLProfileEditor.exe (Windows).
  3. On the first run, you may be prompted to locate your FTL data file.
  4. Switch to the appropriate tab: “Profile” or “Saved Game”.
  5. Open a profile (ae_prof.
  6. Make any desired changes.
  7. Save, and close the editor.
  8. Fire up FTL and try out your new ship.

How do you unlock other ships in FTL?

To start the ship quest, players must defeat the ship by killing its crew. Simply destroying the ship will end the quest without unlocking the ship. Investigating the ship after the battle will show a wounded thief. Players with a Level 2 Medbay or Clonebay can save him.

How do I save FTL on steam?

To save in FTL follow these steps:

  1. Save & Exit.
  2. Go to C:\Users\User\Documents\My Games\FasterThanLight.
  3. Create a folder, call it Backup.
  4. Copy continue. sav to your new folder.
  5. Reopen the game to play.
  6. When you die, close the game and copy continue.
  7. Reopen FTL and continue.

How do you cheat in FTL?

Start a new game of FTL, and run Cheat Engine. Click the image of the computer on the upper left. Locate FTLGame.exe in the list, select it, and press ” Open” In the box labelled “Value:” enter the value of what you want to change.

Where does FTL Faster Than Light save games?

Go to Documents (usually a button on the left hand side of the File Explorer window) Go into the My Games folder. And finally, go into the FasterThanLight folder, here you will find your save files.

How do you get a Federation ship?

Defeat the Flagship Construction in the Rebel Stronghold sector to unlock this ship. Alternatively, defeat The Rebel Flagship with the Engi Cruiser.

How do you unlock the shrike in FTL?

Unlocking. Being (in my opinion) one of the best ships in the game, the shrike is pretty difficult to unlock. You firstly need to get 5 ships (including the kestrel) into your hangar (easier said than done), then complete 2 of 3 achievements using The Kruos.

How do you get slug cruiser in FTL?

You get a quest marker. At the new quest beacon, choose to tail the enemy ships instead of trying to go charging in, then choose whichever Blue option you have. You’ll get in a fight where the enemy is powering up FTL to get away. Destroy the ship or kill the crew and congratulations, you get the Slug Cruiser.

Does FTL save?

Your FTL save files contain all of your save data. You will need to access them if you ever want to create a backup, move them to a new computer, or modify them with third party software. The good news is that they’re easy to locate. The bad news is, well, we don’t think there is any!

Where is FTL saved?