How do I change my location in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

If u talk about the language u can change it anytime while playing the sim in options/game settings. Sry i meant location. Specify that… Because later on you can go and buy garages in any other city, too.

Can you walk around in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Walk mode is in truck modifcation at a garage/repair shop only. In Photo Mode, there is no “fly”, all it is is to use the WSAD keys + mouse, to move around and Up & Down.

Can you skip time in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

If you have 3 trucks and 2 other drivers, go into the Truck Manager screen and keep switching trucks with the other drivers. When you switch, it should say “It’ll take X hours to switch to this truck.” or something similar. Keep doing this until both the trucks are “Idle” or enough time has passed.

What is steering non linearity?

Steering Non Linearity means the steering wheels reacts to the speed of the controller movement. If the slider is at the left it means “No NonLinearity”, which means the steering wheel moves at exactly the same rate (sensitivity settings regardless) as the controller.

Can you change your home garage in ets2?

Yes, you need to move to a new location and sell the old garage, then it’ll change it. I know it’ll be kinda disappointing if you got trucks and drivers, but you can re-purchase it and set your drivers there, so everything will be fine. Donation rank: Location: Somewhere near a kettle.

How do I change my headquarters at ATS?

Go to the driver manager and relocate yourself to another one of your garages. Then go to truck manager and relocate your truck to your new garage location. Boom… new main headquarters in another city.

How do you sleep in ets2?

Unfortunately you have to either go to a rest stop off the highway or any one of the areas in a city with a blue bed symbol (hotels, repair shops, etc). Once you pull in, it should say “press e to turn off engine” then once you do, it will say “press enter to sleep”.

How long is 1 hour in Euro Truck?

After checking it with a stopwatch, 1 in-game minute is 10 seconds long IRL, thus making the conversation rate 6 to 1 on the servers (ETS2). This means that 1 in-game hour is 600 seconds, or 10 minutes.