How do I change the language on Microsoft Word 2008?

(If you have a document open in Word, you’ll need to click the “File menu first and then click “Options.” The “Word Options” window will appear. In the options pane on the left, select “Language.” In the “Choose Editing Languages” section, you should see your installed languages.

Where is the language icon in Word?

From the Start menu, select Control Panel or Control. In the Control Panel, double-click the Regional and Language Options icon. Select the Keyboards and Languages tab. Select the desired language from the drop-down menu in the Display language section.

How do I change Microsoft Word back to English?

Set the preferred display or authoring language

  1. Open an Office program, such as Word.
  2. Select File > Options > Language.
  3. Under Set the Office Language Preferences, do one or both of the following: Under Office display language, choose the language you want from the list and then select Set as Preferred.

How do you change Microsoft Word language?

How to Change the Display Language

  1. Select File > Options.
  2. In the Word Options dialog box, select Language.
  3. In the Choose Display Language section, choose the Display Language and Help Language you want to use.
  4. If a specific language is not listed, select Get more display and help languages from

Why is my Microsoft Word not in English?

Within any Office application, select File > Options > Language. Under Office display Language, make sure the display language you want Office to use is listed. Select the language you want, and then select Set as Preferred.

How do I get the language bar in Word?

Open the Control Panel and go to the Region and Language applet. From the Keyboards and Languages tab click Change keyboards. In this new Text Services and Input Languages dialog, on the Language Bar tab, in the Language Bar section select Docked in taskbar or Floating On Desktop and click Apply.

How do I open the language bar in Word?

To show the Language bar Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Text Services. 2. Click Language Bar.

What is the shortcut for Language change?

Left Alt + Shift – the default shortcut to change the keyboard language in Windows 10. It ignores other layouts you’re using for the same language. Ctrl + Shift – switches between different keyboard layouts used for the same language.

What is the shortcut to change language on Word?