How do I check my Batelco Internet package?

Batelco Prepaid Addons Plans

  1. Send Activation Code to 88188 or Call *911#
  2. To Check Batelco Free Mintues : *888*1*1#
  3. To Check Batelco Prepaid Balance : Dial *122*60#
  4. To Check Batelco Prepaid Data Balance : Dial *888*1*1#
  5. To Check Your Batelco Prepaid SIM Number : Dial *751#

How do I buy data on Batelco?

  1. Data. 1 TB.
  2. Subscription. Send ‘1TB’ to 88188.

How do I activate my Batelco weekly package?

How to activate/deactivate the Prepaid Packages?…

  1. Activation. Send “U8” to 88188 or dial *808#
  2. Deactivation. Send “DU8” to 88188 or dial *808#
  3. Check Free Minutes. *888*1*1#

How can I add 1 GB Batelco?

  1. Validity. 3 Days.
  2. Threshold. 1 GB Unlimited.
  3. Activation. Dial *911# or SMS “UV1” to 88188​

How do you recharge Batelco?

How to recharge using your Batelco pin

  1. Enter *125*PIN# followed by the send button.
  2. Call 111 and follow the instructions.

How do I activate Batelco monthly large international package?

Large International Weekly Package

  1. Data. 1.5GB Unlimited*
  2. Local Calls. Unlimited calls to Batelco lines + 20 free minutes to other networks.
  3. International Calls. India 125Min, Bangladesh 100min , Pakistan 77Min, UK 50Min, USA 50Min, Philippines 21Min, GCC 17Min & Yemen 17Min.
  4. Activation. Dial *766# or SMS ‘WSL’ to 88188.

How can I transfer balance from Batelco to Zain?

Login to your e-service account – Need help in login?…How to do credit trasnfer to any prepaid number? Print

  1. Go to My services.
  2. Go to Overview.
  3. Scroll down.
  4. Go to Credit Transfer.
  5. enter the number and the amount you would like to transfer.
  6. click on Submit.

How do I find my Batelco code?

How to check Batelco number. Dial *751# to check your Bahrain prepaid number.

How do I buy Batelco credit?

You can request an Prepaid Credit Advance by sending “CREDIT” to 99199. If you want to request a specific amount, you can send “AC amount” to 99199. You can also receive an Advance Credit offer via SMS when your balance reaches BD 0.200 or less.

How do I send balance Batelco?

Simply, send from your mobile “T” followed by the amount in BD and then followed by the SimSim number to 4554.

How do I check my Batelco postpaid balance?

Batelco on Twitter: “Check your postpaid and prepaid bill details by simply dialing *888#” / Twitter.

How do I check my Batelco data usage?

What is the quickest way to know the remaining data? Keep an eye on your mobile data usage by dialing *888*1*1# or by visiting You’ll get more details about the used data, remaining data, and you can upgrade your package too.