How do I contact Deakin?

Contact us

  1. Call. +61 3 9244 6100. 8.30am–5pm, Monday to Friday.
  2. Visit. 221 Burwood Highway. Burwood VIC 3125. Australia.
  3. Mail. Deakin University. 221 Burwood Highway. Burwood VIC 3125.
  4. Call. +61 3 5563 3100. 8.30am–5pm, Monday to Friday.
  5. Visit. Princes Highway. Warrnambool VIC 3280. Australia.
  6. Mail. Deakin University. PO Box 423.

How do I send an email to Deakin?

Make it short and include Unit Code….Use an appropriate term of address:

  1. Greet in a formal manner (unless you are on first-name terms)
  2. Use title and family name rather than first name if unsure.
  3. You can check staff title and name via the Deakin staff directory.

Is student central open Deakin?

Student Central Hubs are open. For course and enrolment advice book an appointment or you can drop in for general enquiries. We will continue to provided our services via phone and online. You do not need an appointment to order your Deakin Card.

Is Deakin open on weekends?

Access to the Library will be limited to Level 2 between 9pm-8am. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact staff on Library Chat….Level 2 – limited access.

Today Open Hours Staffed Hours
Friday 20 May 24 Hours 8am – 9pm
Saturday 21 May 24 Hours 8am – 9pm

What is the ranking of Deakin University in Australia?

Highly regarded, Deakin University is one of the best universities for international students in Australia and ranks 16 on the QS Australia University Rankings 2020 list.

What is Deakin hub?

Deakin University has never been short of information – but accessing the right information, when and where it is needed was once quite a challenge. An intelligent intranet called Deakin Hub is now transforming the way information is shared and accessed, establishing a single source with insight only ever a click away.

How do I add my Deakin email to Gmail?

If you are a Student, enter your full Deakin email ([email protected]), enter your Deakin password, tap Next and follow to the next step. If you are a Staff member, enter your full Deakin email ([email protected]), enter your Deakin password, tap Next and follow to the next step.

What is my Deakin username?

Once you have your username and password you will have your official Deakin email account (e.g. [email protected]).

What time is Deakin Student central open?

Student Central is also available by phone during the following times: Monday to Thursday: 8.30am – 7pm. Friday: 8.30am – 6pm. Saturday: 10am – 2pm.

Is Deakin University good?

Deakin is ranked among Australia’s top 10 universities overall, coming in at number 10. Deakin rates highly for teaching quality. It is also a well recognised university with a good academic reputation.

Is Monash better than Deakin?

Monash Univeristy and Deakin University are two public universities in Australia. Monash University ranks among top 10 universities in Australia while Deakin University ranks among top 50….Deakin University.

Monash University Deakin University
collegedunia score 5.9 Out of 10 4.6 Out of 10

Which is better Deakin or La Trobe?

Overall, the Deakin MBA beat La Trobe on establishment, class experience and diversity with La Trobe scoring higher than Deakin in the faculty category, in the assessment behind QS’s online MBA rankings.

How do I contact Student Central at Deakin?

Student Centralis your starting point for questions about your Deakin studies. Melbourne Burwood: Call +61 3 9244 6100 8.30am–5pm, Monday to Friday Visit 221 Burwood Highway Burwood VIC 3125 Australia Mail Deakin University

Is there a campus guide for Deakin University?

Either way, you’ll have a handy campus guide at your fingertips. Deakin Scout is our smart, personalised navigation and wayfinding app. It calculates the fastest route (important for that first coffee) and gives step-by-step directions to anywhere on campus – even inside buildings.

How do I contact Deakin University Warrnambool?

Deakin University 221 Burwood Highway Burwood VIC 3125 Australia Warrnambool Campus: Call +61 3 5563 3100 8.30am–5pm, Monday to Friday Visit Princes Highway Warrnambool VIC 3280 Australia Mail Deakin University PO Box 423 Warrnambool VIC 3280 Australia Geelong Waterfront: Call +61 3 5227 1100 8.30am–5pm, Monday to Friday Visit 1 Gheringhap Street

How do I get from Deakin to Deakin University Geelong?

Deakin’s free intercampus bus travels between Deakin Waurn Ponds and Deakin Waterfront, with a stop at the Barwon Valley Activity Centre (BVAC). You can park your car for free at BVAC and travel to either Geelong campus on the bus, making it a great way to save money.