How do I contact the IRS to make a payment arrangement?

What if I am not eligible or unable to apply or revise a payment plan online?

  1. Individuals can complete Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request.
  2. If you prefer to apply by phone, call 800-829-1040 (individual) or 800-829-4933 (business), or the phone number on your bill or notice.

Can I make an IRS payment by phone?

Taxpayers can also pay their taxes by debit or credit card online, by phone or with a mobile device. The IRS does not charge a fee, but convenience fees apply and vary depending on the card used. Installment agreement. Taxpayers who are unable to pay their tax debt immediately may be able to make monthly payments.

What is the phone number for the IRS balance due Department?

Visit or call 1-877-777-4778.

What is the IRS collections phone number?

See Publication 966, Web site or call 1-800-555-4477 or 1-800-945-8400.

How do I pay off IRS installment agreement?

Pay each month (non-Direct Debit) After applying for a payment plan, pay amount owed through non-Direct Debit (not automated) monthly payments, including paying electronically online or by phone using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System(EFTPS) or by check, money order, or debit/credit card.

How do I contact IRS customer service?

Contact an IRS customer service representative to correct any agency errors by calling 800-829-1040. Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time, unless otherwise noted (see telephone assistance for more information).

How can I contact IRS by phone?

Keep Calling and Stay Prepared. The process of calling the IRS can be daunting.

  • Lean on Your Tax Professional. If you worked with an enrolled agent or accountant to file your taxes,contact them to get further insight into the issue you’re having
  • Contact Your Local IRS Office.
  • Contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service.
  • What is IRS 1 800 phone number?

    1-800-829-4059 to ask questions or order forms or publications. For more information about services provided by the IRS get Publication 910, “Guide to Free Tax Services.” Call the forms number listed above or download a copy from the IRS Web site at The IRS Web site also

    How do you contact IRS payment plan?

    Access Tax Records

  • Make and View Payments
  • Manage Communication Preferences
  • View Your Balance
  • View or Create Payment Plans
  • View Tax Pro Authorizations. For additional help,see our Frequently Asked Questions About Online Account.
  • Accessibility. There are compatibility issues with some assistive technologies.
  • Other ways to find your account information.
  • What is the best IRS contact number?

    – The taxpayer’s Social Security Number or taxpayer-identification number plus his or her birthdate. – Copies of his or her most recent tax return as well as the tax return he or she is calling about. – IRS correspondence – Forms permitting the caller to contact the IRS on behalf of another person.