How do I Download InfoPath designer?

Go to Microsoft InfoPath download page. Click the Download button. Check the version you want to download. If you have a 64-bit version of Windows we advise that you download the 64-bit version of InfoPath.

What is Microsoft InfoPath designer?

Microsoft InfoPath is a software application for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms containing structured data. Microsoft initially released InfoPath as part of the Microsoft Office 2003 family.

What is the difference between InfoPath Designer and Filler?

Microsoft InfoPath installs as two different apps on a PC: InfoPath Designer for creating form templates, and InfoPath Filler for completing and submitting forms (or more precisely, for interacting with data using InfoPath form templates).

Is InfoPath available in Office 365?

InfoPath is a Microsoft Office desktop application that you can use to create intelligent forms. These forms can then be published to SharePoint Online. The InfoPath application is part of the Office Pro Plus subscription in Office 365.

Is SharePoint Designer discontinued?

It’s important to note that while SharePoint Designer does offer a user-friendly interface for the SharePoint platform and a wide range of development options, it is an outdated platform. In fact, the product has been discontinued.

How do I find the InfoPath in Office 365?

From this menu select Office 365 settings. In the middle of the page select the hyperlink Install and manage software under the Software heading. From the menu on the left select Tools and add ins. In the middle of the page that appears now you should see a hyperlink to download and install under the InfoPath heading.

What is the purpose of Microsoft Office InfoPath?


  • User Rules
  • Data Validation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • ActiveX Controls
  • SharePoint Integration
  • How to use Microsoft InfoPath?

    – Design your form, as you would any other InfoPath 2010 form. – Data-bind the controls on your form, so that your form can receive data from and send data to SharePoint Server 2010 and the workflow instance. – Add and configure a button that submits your form data to SharePoint Server 2010. – Set the form’s security level to Domain. – Publish the form.

    How to use code signing for Microsoft InfoPath?

    Open the form and add the requested information.

  • When you are ready to sign the form,click Click here to sign this section.
  • If you see a message that says The form contains changes that must be processed before it can be signed,click OK to dismiss it.
  • The dialog box that appears displays a picture of the form.
  • When is InfoPath end of life?

    That’s right, over 5 years ago Microsoft announced that support for InfoPath would end in 2023 to give us all plenty of time to get off of it. In fact, they have since extended the deadline to get off of InfoPath to July 14 th, 2026.