How do I enable tracing in Web API?

To enable tracing place below code in –“Register” method of WebAPIConfig. cs file. config. EnableSystemDiagnosticsTracing();

What is tracing in Web API?

Tracing is used to follow the path of the execution page. It displays the diagnostic information of the the execution page at run time. It is used to debug the application. It can be integrated with the system level tracing that provides multiple levels of tracing.

What is a trace identifier?

Trace ID is a system number Treasury uses to identify invoice documents in PeopleSoft. For invoice documents sent from SAP the Trace ID will consist of: PC1 to identify SAP, the fiscal year the document posts in SAP (the fiscal year it clears to Treasury from SAP), and the SAP clearing document number.

How do I log a response and request metadata in asp net web API?

There are multiple ways to inject logging and other crosscutting concerns in Web API. One way is to create a custom ApiController class, or a base class for all of our controllers, and then override the ExecuteAsync method. Another way is to use a custom action filter.

How do I debug a REST API code?

Use the following methods to debug a REST application.

  1. Check the HTTP response code. Commonly used response codes include the following: 200.
  2. Check the response message in the HTTP header for additional information.
  3. Check the log files for any relevant messages. Messages might appear in the following files:

How do I create a trace ID?

TraceId generation rule Based on the number, we can get a common IP address like 10.209. 52.143 by converting every two digits into a decimal number. According to this rule, you can also figure out the first server that the request goes through. The next 13 digits 1403169275002 is the time to generate the TraceId.

What is TraceId and SpanId?

TraceId – This is an id that is assigned to a single request, job, or action. Something like each unique user initiated web request will have its own traceId. SpanId – Tracks a unit of work. Think of a request that consists of multiple steps. Each step could have its own spanId and be tracked individually.

How do I create a log file in Web API?


  1. Open Visual Studio.
  2. Select Web> ASP.NET Web Application > Give your project a name (I have given NLogTest), and then click OK.
  3. Select WebAPI and click OK.
  4. Now, you have to add NLog to your project.
  5. Now, add the following code to your config file.

What is HttpMessageHandler?

An HTTP Message Handler in ASP.NET Web API is a class that receives an HTTP request and returns an HTTP response. The Message Handler is derived from the abstract HttpMessageHandler class.


While SOAP and REST are two leading approaches to transferring data over a network using API calls, JSON is a compact data format that RESTful web services can use….SOAP vs. REST comparison table.

Message format Only XML. Plain text, HTML, XML, JSON, YAML, and others.