How do I get a cenro certificate?


  1. Filled-out Online Application Form or Letter of Application/Intent.
  2. Authenticated copy of ownership to the Land Original Land Title, Transfer Certificate of Title, Certificate of Land Ownership Award or Tax Declaration of Untitled Alienable and Disposable (A&D) Lands.
  3. Certification from the Barangay Captain.

What is the function of cenro?

The City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) is the lead steward for the preservation and protection of outstanding natural resources; forest, watersheds, tree parks, mangroves, greenbelts and other similar forest development project.

Is agricultural land alienable?

The only classification of land that may be subject to private ownership would be agricultural lands that are classified as alienable and disposable lands. Forest and mineral lands cannot be the subject of private ownership. Thus, Sec.

What is the rule of cenro?

6.8 The CENRO shall fast track the resolution of all claims and conflicts arising from residential free patent applications within 120 days and shall notify the conflicting parties within 15 days from the date of resolution.

What does communal forest mean?

Definitions. Communal forest refers to a tract of forest land set aside by the Secretary of the DENR upon the recommendation of the concerned LGU for the use of the residents of a municipality/city.

What does Swmc mean?

Acronym. Definition. SWMC. Solid Waste Management Company (various locations)

What is Dao in DENR?

Amending Certain Provisions of DENR Administrative Order (DAO) No. 2004-28 and DAO No. 2004-59 Re: Rules and Regulations Governing the Use of Forest Lands for Tourism Purposes and Rules and Regulations for the Special Uses of Forest Lands.

Who needs CNC DENR?

A project is considered eligible for CNC if it falls under Category D in DENR-EMB’s MC 2014-005, Revised Guidelines for Coverage Screening and Standardized Requirements. If you need help or guidance, you can call or email us for a free screening consultation to see if your project is eligible for a CNC.