How do I get my Epson printer to scan to email?

Scanning to Email

  1. Place your original on the product for scanning.
  2. Press the home button, if necessary.
  3. Select Scan.
  4. Select Email.
  5. Do one of the following:
  6. Select Scan Settings.
  7. Select File Format to choose the file format for your scan.
  8. Scroll down and change the Subject and File Name settings if necessary.

How do I scan from my Epson WF 2650 to my computer?

Scanning Using the Printer Control Panel Place the required documents in the scanner bed of the Epson WF 2650 printer. Make sure the printer is ON after placing the document. Click the Home button on the Epson WF 2650 printer control panel. Now choose the option scan from your Epson WF 310 printer control panel.

How do I scan directly to email?

Home Mode

  1. Click the Scan tab.
  2. Select the Document Type and Scan Size.
  3. Click Scan.
  4. The scanned image will be displayed in the image viewer. Confirm and edit (if necessary) the scanned image.
  5. Click Send E-mail.
  6. The Send E-mail dialog will appear. Configure the attached file settings *1, and click OK.

Where do I find Epson scan settings?

Do one of the following to start Epson Scan Settings:

  1. Windows 10: Click > EPSON > EPSON Scan Settings.
  2. Windows 8.
  3. Windows (other versions): Click or Start > All Programs or Programs > EPSON > EPSON Scan > EPSON Scan Settings.
  4. Mac: Open the Applications folder, click Epson Software, and click EPSON Scan Settings.

How do I set up scan to email in Outlook?

To configure mail scanning in Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016:

  1. Open the main Outlook window. Select the File tab in the upper left corner.
  2. Click the Options button. The Outlook Options window opens.
  3. Select the Add-Ins section.
  4. Click the Add-In Options button.