How do I give myself an item in Skyrim?

To add an item to your own inventory, use the command ‘player. additem’. You can specify a negative amount to remove items from an inventory (e.g. -1 would remove 1 of the specified item).

Is there a give command in Skyrim?

Most Useful Skyrim Cheats

TGM Turn God Mode on / off (also adds infinite stamina / magicka)
Player.AddItem [item ID] [#] Add item to inventory. Example: “player.additem f 100” adds 100 gold
Player.SetLevel [#] Sets the player level. Note: Does not grant commensurate experience
Player.AddPerk [perk ID] Adds the specified perk.

How do I give myself Lockpicks in Skyrim console?

Console commands For example, to add 5 lockpicks, type player. additem a 5 . Enter the console. Click on the chest/door to be unlocked, and type “unlock.” The chest/door will unlock.

How do I give myself armor in Skyrim?

The item ID for Steel Armor in Skyrim on Steam (PC / Mac) is:

  1. 00013952. Spawn Commands. To spawn this item in-game, open the console and type the following command:
  2. player.AddItem 00013952 1.
  3. player.PlaceAtMe 00013952. Other Steel Armor Codes.

Can you do console commands on Xbox Skyrim?

As with many other PC games, entering Skyrim console commands is simply a case of pressing the tilde (~) key to open up the developer console, then typing in the command code in the correct format.

What is the ID for lockpicks?

Lockpick Information

Item ID 0000000A
Value 2
Weight 0kg
Editor Name Lockpick

How do you unlock doors in Skyrim with console commands?

Open the console, click on the door or chest you want to unlock, and type “unlock” into the console.

What are the best console commands for Skyrim?

Best Skyrim Console Commands Item Codes. After finding out the quest ID and stage you want to jump to, all you have to do is factor those into this command: SetStage [Quest ID] [Stage ID] The Proving Honor has a quest ID of C01, and the stage at which you much ‘Retrieve the Fragment’ has an ID of 30.

How do you pull up the console commands on Skyrim?


  • TCL
  • TDetect
  • TAI
  • TCAI
  • ModAV carryweight[#]
  • AddShout[Shoud ID]Add shout to player skill list.
  • Player.AddItem[item ID][#]Add item to inventory.
  • Player.SetLevel[#]Sets the player level.
  • Player.AddPerk[perk ID]Adds the specified perk. Gives player the specified number of Skill -based experience points. Amounts vary from skill to skill.
  • How to open console commands in Skyrim?

    – PC – Tab key (also works if using keyboard and mouse on a console) – PS4 – L1, R1, Square, and Triangle. – Xbox One – LB, RB, X, and Y.

    How do you add items in Skyrim?

    Precious Gems

  • Ores
  • Ingots
  • Other crafting materials (e.g. leather strips)
  • Lockpicks
  • Maps
  • Quest Items
  • Soul Gems
  • Unusual Gems
  • Torches