How do I identify a blewit?

If you have a mushrooms with a suede-like cap, stocky stalk, tight, vivid purple gills, a slight but pleasant aroma and that has light, pinkish-tan spores, you have a blewit. Just keep an eye out for purple mushrooms with “cobwebs” around the veil of the cap — those are cortinarius, which are mostly a toxic species.

What does wood blewit taste like?

Blewits taste good enough—pretty standard mushroom flavor—but they can be a little slippery in texture. Not nasty-slimy-okra-slimy, just a little slippery. Took four or five bites to get used to it. On the plus side, blewits are firm and chewy in a good way.

How do you cook blewit?


  1. Clean the blewits with a brush and damp kitchen paper, and trim the stems.
  2. Halve the onion from root to tip and peel it.
  3. Add the garlic to the butter in the pan and cook for 30 seconds before adding the sliced blewits.
  4. Add the half the fried onions and the brandy and bring to a boil.

What temperature does blewit mycelium grow?

This mushroom can be found in the wild across North America. The fruiting temperature range is typically 45-70°F, but needs the cooler temperatures to initiate fruiting.

Can you dry blewit mushroom?

Dry sauteeing them in a pan without oil, then allowing their water to evaporate for a bit allows them to then caramelize beautifully when the oil is added to the pan. All you have to do here is get your pan very hot, but not hot enough so that whatever goes into the pan will burn.

How do you preserve blewit?

Preserving. Sauté in butter and freeze. Dried blewits lose much of their flavor. Blewits can also be pickled whole, if small, or sliced and kept in the refrigerator for that special unannounced guest.

Can you eat field blewit?

Field Blewits must be cooked; never eat them raw. They are very good if sauteed and served with pale meat such as veal, pork or chicken; they are also fine with cheese, rice and pasta dishes.

Is the blewit mushroom edible?

Edibility. Both wood blewits and field blewits are generally regarded as edible, but they are known to cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. This is particularly likely if the mushroom is consumed raw, though allergic reactions are known even from cooked blewits.

Are all Lepista edible?

Clitocybe nuda, commonly known as the wood blewit and alternately described as Lepista nuda, is an edible mushroom native to Europe and North America….

Clitocybe nuda
Order: Agaricales
Family: Tricholomataceae
Genus: Clitocybe
Species: C. nuda

Where do blewits grow?

The Wood Blewit, pronounced “blue-it”, is native to North America, is often found in the woods in the fall. It is a robust, bluish-lilac colored mushroom with a classic pancake cap and sturdy stem that’s swollen at the base. Its flavor is earthy and slightly yeasty.

How do you store wood Blewits?

Blewits are said to lose flavor when they are dried, so it’s preferable to sautee and freeze them for long-term storage. There are also many recipes for pickled blewits, which extends their shelf life further.

Are all blewits edible?