How do I know what size brake drums I have?

As far as measuring, the most accurate way is with the drum/hub removed from the axle. Measure across the diameter of the inside of the drum and the depth of the swept surface of the drum.

Are brake drums side specific?

the Drums are same fit and function for both sides so…. just a changing of the numbers. Turns out the # on the car is 12774829(I guess superseded by 13435981) I only saw that after doing as Robby suggested and swapping the drums only after sanding. I am now out to see how it is.

What are the 2 most common brake drum types?

There are three types of drum brakes depending on how the brake shoes are pressed on to the drums; leading/trailing shoe type, twin leading shoe type and duo-servo type.

How do you calibrate drum brakes?

With a flashlight, look inside the access hole for the adjuster “star” wheel. Slide the brake spoon into the opening and engage the notches on the adjuster wheel. Lever the spoon up and down to adjust the brakes by spreading the adjuster. The star wheel will only turn in one direction because of the notches.

Does my Ranger have 9 or 10 inch drums?

All 4×4 Rangers comes with 10 inch drums. Most 2×4 rangers have 9 inch drum brakes. Drum size can be identified visually by whether the drums have cooling fins on the outside or not. 9 Inch drums have cooling fins all the way around the outside.

How do I know what size brake shoes to buy?

To determine whether you need a 10 or a 12 inch brake shoe, you would measure the inside diameter of your brake drum. Depending on the brake assembly, in many instances the cost of a new assembly is the same or just a few dollars more than the replacement brake shoes.

Which shoe is the leading shoe on drum brakes?

Short shoe in front . . . because it’s the “self-energizing” shoe. The front shoe tries to jam itself into the brake drum – which makes it the stronger shoe braking-wise – when the brakes are applied so it’s smaller to match the power of the larger secondary shoe.

Which brake shoe is the primary?

Thus, the rear shoe does most of the braking and the front shoe’s primary job is to engage the rear shoe.

Are all drum brakes the same?

While both disc and drum brakes are commonly found across all types of vehicle platforms, and are both safe and reliable braking options, they do differ significantly in design and operation. Drum brakes use friction-lined brake shoes inside of a drum, as opposed to brake pads over a disc brake rotor.

Why do brake shoes wear faster?

When the brake is applied with the vehicle stationary, hydraulic pressure pushes each shoe outwards and an equal force is applied by each shoe to the drum. The rate of lining wear of leading shoe is higher as it does more work than the trailing shoe.

How do you adjust the rear brakes on a Ford Ranger?

Feel around inside the opening until you feel the spoon contact the adjuster. Rotate the adjuster upward with the brake adjusting spoon to pry on the adjuster wheel. Spin the wheel as you adjust the brakes until the shoes drag slightly when the wheel is turned.