How do I look up past tickets on Delta?

Visit Delta’s website and click on “Travel Information” on the upper right corner. A drop-down menu will pop up; select “Itineraries & Check-In.” A new page will come up. Select the way you want to search for your old itinerary. You can search by confirmation number, credit or debit card number, or “eTicket” number.

What’s the 1 800 number for Delta Airlines?

(800) 221-1212Delta Air Lines / Customer service

How do I find my Delta reservation number?

You will find your confirmation number in the top section of the email, just below the Delta logo and your name. Go to My Trips and locate your trip using your name and confirmation number, credit/debit card number, or ticket number from your Flight Receipt email.

How can I see past flights?

Flightradar24 has the largest online aviation database with information about more than 500,000 aircraft, 150,000 flights, 7,000 airports and 1,000 airlines. This data is updated in real time.

How do I get an old Delta receipt?

You can get receipts for past travel emailed to you, via Within 24 hours of last flight traveled: Go to; Select My Trips (top of page) … Help Center · Travel Planning FAQs · Receipts · Certificates & eCredits …

How do I talk to Delta customer service?

To speak with a representative about a new or existing reservation, call 800-221-1212. If you are a Medallion® Member, check the Contact Us section in the Fly Delta mobile app for your dedicated phone line. If you are a SkyMiles member, have your SkyMiles account number available to expedite your call.

How do I get a receipt from Delta?

Go to Select My Trips (top of page) Type First Name, Last Name, and Confirmation # then click GO. Scroll down to Payment Details and click on Email Receipt.

How long do airlines keep records?

The personal data of millions of passengers who fly between the US and Europe, including credit card details, phone numbers and home addresses, may be stored by the US department of homeland security for 15 years, according to a draft agreement between Washington and Brussels leaked to the Guardian.

Are airline tickets public record?

As a result, flight data collected by the FAA in its air traffic control system – except for military and sensitive government flights – is public information. Web sites such as FlightAware post the data online, allowing anyone to observe the system and follow most planes virtually in real time.