How do I make my own song playlist?

On the player page of any song, tap Up next. Long press on a song. From the menu that appears, tap Add to playlist. Tap New playlist or select an existing playlist.

What is the best music app to make a playlist?

The Upgrade: 3 Apps For Creating the Perfect Party Playlist

  • SoundShare. Creating a party playlist with friends sounds super easy – until you remember Apple Music and Spotify don’t mix.
  • Jukestar. Nothing is worse than a party playlist that gets dominated by one person or sound.
  • Spotify.

How do you make a power hour playlist?

This simple chrome extension allows you to turn a Spotify playlist into a power hour. Just install the plugin, navigate to the Spotify web player, and at the top of the screen you will see the logo for this extension and a few basic settings (on/off, notifications on/off, etc).

Where can I create a free music playlist?

Best free music apps

  1. The classic: Pandora.
  2. Most streamlined library: Apple Music.
  3. Most creative playlists: Spotify.
  4. Best curated catalog: Amazon Music.
  5. Best for discovering new artists: Soundcloud.
  6. Best mixtape selection: Datpiff.

What is the best free app to make a playlist?

Songza. Songza is one of the best apps on any platform for discovering music. Songza is available on the web, iPhone, and Android. This excellent app delivers playlists from a variety of genres.

How do you make a YouTube Power Hour?

Power Hour Creator Easily create video or audio power hours from YouTube videos. Add your urls, pick start times, add an intermission with the full song option, and create your power hour. Power Hour Creator automatically downloads the videos, cuts them to 60 seconds, and merges them into one file for you.

What is a Power Hour with music?

Ever needed a one minute timer to pace yourself while listening to music? With Hour of Power, you can play one minute of any artists, albums, songs, or playlists from your iPod.