How do I pay my court fees in Arizona?

Making a Payment

  1. Pay online with credit or debit cards at
  2. Pay with cash at CVS, 7-11, Family Dollar and other retailers with PayNearMe.
  3. Pay in person at the court using cash, cashier’s check, money orders or credit cards (click here to find the court address)

How do I pay a speeding ticket in Arizona?

Online Payment Home

  1. Enter your Notice, Case or Citation number in the box provided.
  2. Click the Continue button to find your cases and begin the secure credit card payment process* on our secure site.
  3. Select Notice, Case or Citation number you wish to pay.

How do I find my court date in Arizona?

Court dates and case information can be found by visiting the Maricopa County Superior Court Case Search webpage….Search Criteria

  1. Case number.
  2. First and last name.
  3. Initials and date of birth.

What is AOC in Arizona?

Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) The Arizona Constitution authorizes an administrative director and staff to assist the Chief Justice with administrative duties.

Can a fine be paid online?

payCity is an easy-to-use online system that allows you to view and pay for your outstanding traffic fines, settle your municipal accounts, purchase prepaid utilities and set reminders to renew your vehicle licence disc.

How long do I have to pay a traffic ticket?

How long do I have to pay a traffic fine? A Section 56 notice means you have about 30 days to pay before your case goes to court.

What does AOC mean in court?

An administrative order-on-consent (AOC) is an agreement between an individual or business and a regulatory body in which they agree to pay for damages caused by violations and to cease the activities that caused the damages to occur.

What is fare program Arizona State courts?

The Fines/Fees and Restitution Enforcement (FARE) Program is a statewide initiative of the Arizona Judicial branch. The program was developed in 2003 to assist Arizona courts with the compliance of monetary court orders.