How do I reconnect my Drayton Digistat SCR?

To do this, remove the batteries, press and hold the ‘set’ button whilst refitting the batteries, keep the ‘set’ button held and after a few seconds the display will show ‘rF’ which indicates that the Digistat+RF is continuously sending an OFF signal to the SCR (receiver).

What is OpenTherm technology?

OpenTherm is a language that compatible thermostats and heating systems can use to talk to each other, enabling thermostats to control heating and domestic hot water systems.

How do I connect my British Gas wireless thermostat?

Push ‘overide’ button on the receiver once, the green LED should come on. Push button 1 followed by 2 and hold them both depressed together Red LED will flash for 2 secs then go out (learn mode) Release both buttons Red and Green LED should now both be on.

How is a room thermostat wired?

Wired thermostats are connected via wires to the boiler, and often to the mains electricity as well. This means that, unlike wireless thermostats, there’s usually no need for batteries.

How do I bypass Digistat?

When in Auto mode you can override the existing temperature setting by pressing + or -. During adjustment the temperature will flash then stop. The Digistat+3 will now control at this temperature until the next programmed time/temperature event is reached, when the Digistat+3 will revert back to Auto mode.

How do I reset my Drayton life thermostat?

Press the raised button once, the programmers counter will now be reset and the display should now show, The Con should not flash. This will remain for approx 10 seconds, and then the programmer will return to normal function, and the service settings will be set.

How does a Drayton Digistat SCR work?

It works by sensing the air temperature, switching on the heating when the air temperature falls below the thermostat setting, and switching it off once this set temperature has been reached.