How do I record a whole series on Foxtel?

Just hit the press the R button on your remote to record a highlighted program. Shows to be recorded will automatically appear under the scheduled tab in your Library, and those shows that are ready to go will appear under the recorded tab.

How do I record Foxtel iQ box?

  1. Load a blank DVD disc into the DVD recorder.
  2. Press the “Planner” button on the Foxtel remote control to open the Personal Planner menu.
  3. Push “Record” on the DVD recorder, press “Select” on the Foxtel remote control to start dubbing the program to DVD.
  4. Press “Stop” on the DVD recorder when the program comes to the end.

Can you record on Foxtel iQ5?

For free-to-air programs on an iQ5 with a hard drive, iQ4 or iQ3, you can record one program while watching another live.

How many shows can I record on iQ5?

The detachable 1 TB hard drive on the Foxtel iQ5 should be good for 345 hours of SD recordings, 172 hours of HD or only 45 hours of Ultra HD.

Can you watch previous episodes on Foxtel?

Playback viewing With the iQ4/iQ3 you can look back up to 24 hours1 in the TV Guide to watch and even record a range of shows you’ve missed. When looking back, shows are ready to watch within 15 minutes of finishing, based on availability and your subscription.

What is the difference between Foxtel iQ4 and iQ5?

The iQ5 box has internet streaming services with far more content than the iQ4 (you need an ethernet cable for iQ4 connection). However, a satellite option will also be available in 2022 if you prefer that.

How do I record Foxtel to hard drive?

Recording Foxtel, Austar or pay tv is easy when you know how. If you have Foxtel IQ, IQ 2, or Mystar your box will record automatically onto the hard drive (in-built). Recording on the spot is a matter of choosing a channel and then pressing the record button. To bring up your recordings press the Planner button.

What is the USB port on my Foxtel box for?

Finally, the Foxtel Now Box also has a USB 3.0 port, allowing you to plug in a FAT32-formatted hard drive (we had no such luck with other filesystems like exFAT or NTFS) and play local media.

Is Foxtel iQ5 worth it?

The iQ5 isn’t going to change your mind on Foxtel, but it’s a genuinely well thought out online version of the pay TV giant’s set-top box. It won’t alienate any existing customers, and it also doubles as the easiest way to watch Foxtel content in 4K.

Is Foxtel iQ2 being phased out?

Your cable iQ2 1 Terabyte box will no longer be supported from 31 March 2022. To ensure you have the best Foxtel experience and that your service is not disrupted, it’s now time to upgrade to the new iQ5 set top box, at no extra cost*.

How do I watch recorded shows on Foxtel iQ4?

Step 1

  1. Go to channel 108.
  2. Press Record on your Foxtel remote.
  3. Wait for at least two minutes and then press Stop on your Foxtel remote to stop the recording.
  4. Press Home on your Foxtel remote.
  5. Scroll across to Library.
  6. Find the recording you just created and click Select to view it.

Is iQ 5 better than iQ4?

The iQ5 box has many features that improve upon the iQ4 box. The Foxtel iQ5 box price is significantly more than the iQ4, but these key differences make the iQ5 upgrade worth it. The iQ5 box has internet streaming services with far more content than the iQ4 (you need an ethernet cable for iQ4 connection).