How do I reload my SBM Prepaid Visa?

SBM Smile Prepaid Card can be reloaded at any SBM branches, through SBM ATMs, internet banking or SBM Mobile Banking App. However, if the cardholder is abroad, he can authorise his relatives to reload his card by providing a letter of authorisation.

How do I top up my bank?

The simplest method is to transfer funds via your debit or credit card, using the associated card details. Other ways to top up include making cash or check deposits in a physical branch, external bank transfers, or through digital wallet technology like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

How do I transfer money from my debit card to my prepaid card?

You can follow the steps below.

  1. Visit an ATM, then insert the debit card.
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Enter your debit card PIN and press ‘Yes’ to continue.
  4. Next, choose the “Fund Transfer” option on the ATM display.
  5. Enter the recipient’s prepaid card issuer and account number.
  6. Select the type of account.

How do I check the balance on my prepaid Visa card?

Start by looking at the back of your gift card. Typically, you’ll find a toll-free number you can call to discover your balance. Or you can check your balance by visiting the card issuer’s site and entering your card’s 16-digit number and security code.

How do I top up my mobile phone?

Depending on your provider, you can top-up your mobile phone at most Post Offices, Payzone retailers and major supermarkets. You can also top-up at most ATMs. To top-up at Post Office, Payzone store or a Supermarket, you will have to purchase E-voucher or swipe your E- top-up card supplied by your mobile Network.

How can I top up my other mobile?

How to top up someone’s call credit online

  1. Go to the mobile top up page and see all the providers on offer.
  2. Select the right provider.
  3. Enter your email address, or the email address of the person whose phone you are topping up.
  4. You’ll receive an email filled with the instructions and your top up code.
  5. You’re done!

How can I register for SMS banking?

SMS Banking Activation via Mobile Handset

  1. Send ‘MBSREG’ as an SMS to 9223440000 or 567676. The SMS must be sent from the mobile number you wish to activate the services for.
  2. You will receive the User ID and Mobile PIN (MPIN).
  3. Download the bank’s mobile app and log in with the help of the User ID and password.

Can I add money to a prepaid card online?

Visa Prepaid cards are easy to use Load it online or in-person.

What is SBM BillPay?

Get new captcha! SBM Billpay is a convenient bill payment service that allows pre-registered SBM customers to pay their CEB electricity bills & CWA water bills via SBM ATMs & SBM POS terminals located at selected merchants. Visit any SBM branch to register for this service.

Where does SBM operate?

The Group is also present in India, Madagascar, Kenya and also holds a banking licence to operate in the Seychelles. Established in 1973, SBM has a strong franchise in Mauritius, with a market share of more than 20% in domestic advances and deposits.

What is an SBM personal loan?

SBM Personal loan is an all-purpose financing solution for any personal project that the customer wishes to implement, whether for a wedding, purchasing a personal computer or any other personal requirements. SBM Personal loan is an all-purpose…

What are the different ways to top up your SBM account?

ATM TopUp: Any SBM Debit or Credit Card at SBM ATMs may be utilised. SMS TopUp: Debit or Credit Card for SBM customers as well as non-SBM customers (Visa or MasterCard Credit Cards) are accepted. However, customers need to register with the bank to use this service.