How do I report a pharmacist UK?

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Who regulates pharmacies in UK?

The GPhC
The GPhC is the regulatory body for pharmacists in England, Scotland and Wales. It also regulates pharmacy technicians. Registration with the GPhC does not provide the right to work in the UK.

What happens if a pharmacist makes a mistake UK?

Under the Medicines’ Act, pharmacists face criminal charges if they own up to making a mistake. But under the system proposed by ministers, if they made a genuine mistake that harmed someone they would not face prosecution.

How do pharmacists deal with complaints?

Complaints – how to give great customer service

  1. Know your SOPs in advance. Most pharmacies will have in place a standard operating procedure (SOP) for handling complaints, which all staff should have read.
  2. Listen to the customer.
  3. Discuss the matter in private.
  4. Resolve the problem asap.
  5. Get all the facts.

How do I report a pharmacy incident?

Taking action

  1. Assess the patient. Has the medication incident reached a patient?
  2. Inform the patient. Explain to the patient that he or she has been involved in a medication incident.
  3. Take action. Take action to prevent the incident recurring.
  4. Report the incident.
  5. Inform staff.

Is there a governing body for pharmacists?

GPhC | Professional Standards Authority.

Where do I report a pharmacy mistake UK?

Professional guidance Pharmacy contractors should remember that if a complaint is made as the result of an error or other patient safety incident, they should make a record of the incident and should report the incident to NHS England via the LFPSE service.

How do pharmacists deal with angry customers?

Angry patients seem to be more common at the pharmacy counter. Here are 5 tips to calm them down….Here are the things that I have learned from dealing with angry patients over the years:

  1. Don’t interrupt them.
  2. Mirror their words.
  3. Remain calm and look calm.
  4. Offer options.
  5. Forgive quickly.

Why reporting is important in a pharmacy?

Reasons to report Incident reports are vital for identifying what went wrong and to allow organisations to learn from the incident and prevent similar events happening. Incident reporting also flags up certain areas of concern, which can help direct the right resources to where they are needed.

Why is it important to report dispensing incidents?

These alerts are a crucial part of the NHS’ work to rapidly alert the healthcare system to risks and to provide guidance on preventing potential incidents that may lead to avoidable harm or death.

Are pharmacies CQC registered?

If a pharmacy starts to provide services such as “Treatment of disease and disorder or injury “as defined in schedule 1 of the Health and Social Care Act -they need to register with the CQC regulator.