How do I reset Eph controls?

It is necessary to reset the thermostat prior to initial use. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds. dEL will appear on the screen. Press the button on the side of the thermostat.

Are Eph controls any good?

EPH Heating Controls Ltd are a reliable and experienced company spanning more than two decades. As a provider of top-of-the-range products, EPH understand the residential and commercial markets extremely well. With a focus on quality, they source from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

How do I change the battery in my Eph thermostat?

Slacken the fastening screw on the bottom of the thermostat with a philips head screwdriver. The thermostat is hinged and can be opened 180 degrees. Replace the batteries with 2 x AA Alkaline batteries. Close the thermostat and tighten the fastening screw.

Who owns Eph controls?

The majority owner is Czech entrepreneur and lawyer Daniel Křetínský (94%), who is ranked among the richest Czechs in the long term and according to Forbes he became a dollar billionaire in 2017.

Does Eph ember work with Alexa?

By enabling, this skill can be accessed on all your available Alexa devices. The EMBER Thermostats Skill offers users a convenient way to control EMBER Controls Smart Thermostats. To connect your EMBER Smart Thermostat to the Alexa Skill, first use the EMBER App to connect your devices to the internet.

How do I use Ember app?

How To Pair Ember Mug: Step-by-Step With Images

  1. Download Ember App From The App Store/Google Play Store.
  2. Click “Let’s Get Started” Then Choose The Mug You Are Trying To Pair.
  3. Press and Hold Power Button For 6-8 Seconds Until a Blinking Blue Light Appears.
  4. Phone Will Search and Find Ember Mug.
  5. Create Your Ember Account.

What is Advanced mode on Ember?

Advance function can now be activated from the Zone Control screen. Frost Protection. Frost protection can be enabled via burger menu. Improved Setup process. For enhanced security and convenience, this version allows the installer to set up a customer home with their own credentials.