How do I reset my Taylor Digital Scale?

The following reset procedure is used when the scale shows an err2, err, 0.0, inaccurate weight, or some other unusual error.

  1. Remove the battery from the scale.
  2. Sit the scale on a hard surface floor.
  3. Step up onto the scale, stand still for about 5 seconds and step off the scale.
  4. Re-install your battery.

How do I know if my Taylor Digital Scale need new battery?

If you step on the scale and it doesn’t turn on, you may need to replace the batteries. Taylor digital bathroom scales have a low-battery indicator, so a “lo” or “bat” icon appears on the display when battery power is getting low. Display readings usually become dimmer as well.

Why is my Taylor scale not working?

Bath Scale Troubleshooting Remove the battery from the scale. Set the scale on the floor (no carpet) without the battery in place. Stand on the scale for 10 seconds (still without the battery). Carefully replace the battery without pressing any buttons or activating the scale.

What does Error 2 mean on Taylor scale?

Step off the scale and wait for it to reset before stepping on it again if you receive an “ERR2,” which often means the unit was jarred or overloaded. Also, if you weigh more than the maximum weight capacity you will receive this error.

What kind of battery does a Taylor Digital Scale take?

CR2032 batteries
This pack of 2 high quality CR2032 batteries are ideal for Taylor bathroom scales.

How do I fix scale error?

What to do if my Scale displays “OL”, “Lo”, “Err”?

  1. When the scale displays “OL”, “Lo”, or “Err”, there might be something wrong with it.
  2. “OL” or “Err”
  3. Reinstall/Replace batteries, and turn the scale on, wait until ” 0.0″ is displayed before measuring to calibrate.
  4. Make sure the scale is on a hard and flat surface.

How do you change the weight on a Taylor scale?

Instead, press “power”, and then “SET”. Display shows JUST “kg” or “lb”. Press up or down arrow to toggle between Pounds (English units) and Kilograms (metric). Then, tap “SET” 4 times to confirm the other settings for the current user (gender, age and height), and you’re done.

How do you fix a digital scale?

How to reset your scale?

  1. Remove the batteries.
  2. Leave the scale for about 10 minutes after removing the batteries.
  3. Re-insert the batteries and confirm the polarity is good.
  4. Place your digital scale on a flat surface, and confirm the feet are clear of any dirt or rust particles.
  5. Press the center of the scale lightly.

How do I know if my scale is broken?

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Scales

  1. Inconsistent Scale Readings:
  2. Inaccurate Readings Between Scales:
  3. Unstable Readings:
  4. Display Readability:
  5. Rust or Other Corrosive Damage: