How do I reset my Zebra printer to factory settings?

Hold down the forward feed button on the front panel. The indicator light will start a flash sequence: 1, 1-2, 1-2-3, and so on. When it flashes four times, release it. This resets the printer to factory defaults.

How do you reset a Zebra?

Note: Zebra devices also support a special type of reset called “Enterprise reset”….Factory Resets for Zebra Android devices

  1. Start pre-installed StageNow app.
  2. Scan the barcode from the printed PDF file (one of the links below) or directly from computer’s screen.
  3. Wait until device reboots.

How do I clear the memory on my Zebra printer?


  1. Pressing PAUSE. Send a ~HM ZPL command to the printer to display the amount of the free memory.
  2. Press PAUSE to skip the formatting step in process and proceed to the next step. With the printer paused, press CANCEL.
  3. Turn the printer off (O) and then on (I) to clear the printers memory.

How do I calibrate my Zebra ZM400 printer?

One way to get the ZM400 to run a calibration process is to run it from the menu. Using the menu is simple and the preferred method. Entering the menu by pressing the Setup/Exit button and using the + button to scroll to the entry called ‘Media Power Up’ and changing that setting to calibration.

How do I factory reset my zebra mc930b?

Simultaneously press the Power, Center Scan, and Trigger buttons for at least four seconds. When the screen turns off or after 4 seconds, release all the buttons.

How do you factory reset a zebra mc330k?

Procedure: Simultaneously press and hold the Power button, 1 and 9 keys for five seconds. When the screen turns off, release the buttons. The device reboots.

How do I set up my ZM400 printer?

Another quick and easy way to print a configuration page from your ZM400 is by powering the printer off with the switch on the back of the printer. Press and hold the ‘Cancel’ button while switching the power back on. Continue holding the ‘Cancel’ button until the printer begins to feed labels and then release.