How do I set up video call on Securus?

Start by making sure you have downloaded the Securus app. Then, create a Securus Online account and follow the step-by-step instructions in order to begin scheduling your At-Home video session. You can also visit from home using a computer (desktop or laptop), high speed internet access and a webcam.

Is there a Cidnet app for Iphone?

“Anything customers currently do through our website can now be done through our app. It’s completely compatible,” Petree says. Plans for an Apple IOS version of this app are also in the works, even though IOS users make up a significantly smaller portion of CIDNET’s customer base as compared to Android users.

What browser do I need for Securus?

reboot your PC, and install the latest version of Java. exception list under the security tab in the Windows “Control Panel” under Java control panel. MacOS 10.9+ with Firefox or Safari. sufficient picture quality.

Is Securus video Connect free?

Securus Video ConnectSM, is a fully web-based visual communication system that allows friends, family members, attorneys, and public officials to schedule and participate in video sessions with an incarcerated individual – from anywhere with internet access using the free Securus app, computer or tablet.

How do I use JPay video on my Iphone?

On the JPay home page, click Video Connect on the navigation menu,

  1. On the Video Sessions page, click Start Video Session Now! in the video session box of the session you want to join.
  2. A banner will appear briefly as the video client starts up.

What is the CIDNET app?

CIDNET connects Encartele’s customers with their incarcerated loved ones through streaming video and messaging applications. This app offers all of the functionality of the CIDNET website in one convenient, portable place.

Why was my Securus video visit Cancelled?

A video visitation may be cancelled due to a lockdown, inmate behavioral issues or account usage violations. If a video visitation is canceled due to behavioral reasons, the home user will be charged for the session and a brief explanation is required.

Can you do video visitation on Iphone?

AT-HOME VIDEO VISITATION iPhones and iPads are not compatible for video visits, but they can be used for scheduling purposes. If using an Android smartphone or tablet, you can download these two apps from the Google Play store – GTL – Schedule Visits (1 of 2) and GTL – Internet Visits (2 of 2).

Can I do a JPay video visit on my phone?

You must have internet service, a webcam with a headset or speakers and a microphone to participate in a JPay Video Connect session, or a smartphone with the same functionality.

How do I use CIDNET video visit?

Your staff need to add the visiting inmate to your roster, and the visiting friend or family member needs to create an account through our public portal. Once both parties are in the system, your staff can schedule the remote cues OR the inmate’s contact can request a video in the same way.