How do I solve the puzzle in Ansilvund in Skyrim?

The book, next to Lu-Ah’s journal, tells a few lines of story about Fjori and Holgeir. The story reveals the answer to the puzzle; the pillars above the switch need to be turned so that they are arranged in the order of bird, snake, whale, and snake again.

What is the combination in Ansilvund?

The book contains clues to solve the pillar puzzle. The solution can also be seen carved into the wall behind the table, below the pillars, but the symbols are partially obscured by rubble and weeds. The solution from left to right is Eagle—Snake—Whale—Snake.

What is the puzzle code for Ansilvund excavation?

The final chamber of Ansilvund Excavations is reached through a puzzle room with pillars. The key (Hawk, Snake, Whale, Snake) can be found directly below each one on the ground level, obscured by weeds and other obstructions including behind the table.

What is the Ansilvund puzzle?

According to the order of the story, the solution to Ansilvund’s puzzle is as follows: “As the Eagle (1) finds…” “But the Snake (2) came…” “A Whale (3) greeted Fjori’s view…” “But the Snake (4) bit Fjori…”

How do I get Ansilvund quest?

The Nordic ruin of Ansilvund is hidden in the Velothi Mountains, far north of Riften, and can be reached by following an unmarked path east of Cragslane Cavern. Near the entrance you will find the book about Fjori and Holgeir on a table, protected by a hostile conjurer, hinting at unsolved mysteries inside.

Where is the key in Ansilvund?

Ansilvund Burial Chambers
This key is found in the Ansilvund Burial Chambers, on a pedestal.

Where is Queen Freydis sword in Ansilvund?

Find Queen Freydis’s Sword inside The sword is located inside one of the following randomly selected locations: Ansilvund. Clearspring Tarn. Cragwallow Slope.

Where can I find Ansilvund?

Ansilvund is a Ruin located in Eastern Skyrim. You can find it by traveling North of Riften or South East of Windhelm. In the ruin, there is a puzle trap with four pillars. When facing the pillars from behind the switch, the answer is: Eagle, Snake, Whale, Snake.

How do you cheat the Stones of Barenziah?

The item ID for Stone of Barenziah (Unusual Gem) in Skyrim on Steam (PC / Mac) is:

  1. 0007F901. Spawn Commands. To spawn this item in-game, open the console and type the following command:
  2. player.AddItem 0007F901 1.
  3. player.PlaceAtMe 0007F901. Other Stone of Barenziah (Unusual Gem) Codes.