How do I start the Arvak quest?

Detailed Walkthrough[edit] This quest can only be started within the Soul Cairn. It can be started one of two ways, either by interacting with the distraught soul or by simply finding Arvak’s skull. The soul who starts the quest can be found between where you enter and the large wall dividing the Soul Cairn.

Can you get Arvak as a Dawnguard?

Of course you can. Being in the Dawnguard means you also have to look for Serana’s Mother as you normally would, so you’ll be able to find Arvak then. As for Auriel’s Bow, it’s a quest item, so you’ll get it with the Dawnguard as well as you would with it’s counterpart, Castle Volkihar.

Why can’t I summon Arvak?

Arvak cannot be summoned at Forgotten Vale during Touching the Sky even though there is enough space for him. This is probably because it does not count as Tamriel wilderness. With the Twin Souls perk it is possible to summon two Arvaks. Even with 100% spell absorbtion, he is still able to be conjured.

Where exactly is Arvaks skull?

Arvak’s skull can be found east of the Boneyard entrance where Valerica is found. It is on a pedestal surrounded by ghosts that turn into mistmen, and will attack should the Dragonborn come close.

How do you get Shadowmere back after riding Arvak?

Here’s how I “respawn” Shadowmere into the game after losing her:

  1. Buy a new horse as AzuraKnight mentioned.
  2. Ride it and fast travel to the last place you left Shadowmere (Castle Volkihar). Unmount and mount the horse again to register the location.
  3. Go to Falkreath and left your new horse there.

How do you spawn Arvak?

Arvak can be summoned in places where you cannot bring a standard horse. In addition to the Soul Cairn, as mentioned in the description, you can also summon him in Blackreach, Dayspring Canyon and Solstheim DB. You cannot summon him in the Forgotten Vale, however.

Where does Frost go if I ride another horse?

Frost will hang out in Whiterun if you ride other horses.

Where is Arvak’s skull in Dawnguard?

In the center of this building is Arvak’s skull, but players will need to defeat the Mistman enemies here in order to retrieve it. Thankfully, these enemies are relatively weak compared to Dawnguard’s toughest new foes, so taking them out shouldn’t be a problem for most.

What is Arvak in Wow?

Arvak is the soul of a long-forgotten horse, but you can summon the creature using a Conjuration spell. You’ll need to complete a short task before you can learn the “Summon Arvak” spell, so here’s everything you need to know about it.

Where can you ride Arvak in Skyrim?

Once you summon Arvak, you can ride your new horse in any outside location in Skyrim, Solstheim, or the exterior locations of Blackreach and the Soul Cairn. Like regular horses, you can’t summon or ride Arvak inside dungeons, buildings, or certain cities.

Where is Arvak in the Soul Cairn?

Upon entering the Soul Cairn, along the initial path that leads to the front of the Boneyard, the Dragonborn will come across a frantic soul calling, “Arvak, Arvak!”. He will tell the Dragonborn how he and his loyal steed Arvak came to this realm and were attacked by monsters.