How do I start the Mournhold quest?

After coming to Mournhold you can speak to Fedris Hler to get the Goblin Army quest immediately. You can start the Hunt the Dark Brotherhood quest at any given time by speaking to the people.

Where can I find Almalexia?

She can be found in the Tribunal Temple within her city, Mournhold. She is not accompanied in the Temple by her fellow gods Vivec and Sotha Sil.

How did Almalexia become a god?

Before his death, they swore oaths to Nerevar upon Azura that they would never use the Tools of Kagrenac on the Heart of Lorkhan in order to steal its divine essence for themselves. A few years later, Almalexia and her fellow Tribunes broke that oath to become living gods.

How do I get Trueflame?

Trueflame is obtained through completing The Blade of Nerevar quest during the Tribunal Main Quest. It is one of the best one handed swords in the entire game (including all official expansions and plugins), and according to Almalexia is twinned with Hopesfire.

How do I get to Mournhold in Morrowind?

The details of getting to Mournhold the first time can be found on the Dark Brotherhood Attacks page. Almsivi Intervention takes you to the door of the Temple, while Divine Intervention will take you to the Courtyard of the Palace. Levitation is forbidden in Mournhold as it is offensive to the goddess Almalexia.

Why did Almalexia go insane?

Almalexia slowly became insane as her power kept draining, which resulted in her ceasing communication with the rest of the Tribunal and even her own people.

Why did Almalexia betray Nerevar?

According to this theory, she did this out of desperation. Like I said earlier, she had pretty good, high class life as Nerevar’s wife but with Nerevar gone, she might have felt danger to her position and status, danger of being sidelined by other house leaders and council members, danger of being replaced.

Is the tribunal evil?

In TES online, you get to interact with all three, and for the most part they are not inherently evil. In TES III it becomes apparent that Almalexia loses her sanity after the powers she had become reliant on began to disapperar after the Nerevarine destroyed the Heart of Lorkhan.

Who killed Almalexia?

Do the Dunmer know that the Nerevarine killed Almalexia, and that Almalexia killed Sotha Sil? Simple question. How much info does the Dunmer populace have on the events of TES III: Tribunal? I might be misremembering but I believe if you try to tell people you killed Almalexia, no one believes you.

Which is better Hopesfire or Trueflame?

Hopesfire edges out Trueflame in the min. damage category, with a 10 point advantage in the Chop category (20-30), a 5 point advantage in Slashing (45-50) and a 6 point advantage in Thrust (4-10). Hopesfire also has a higher DPS of 94.5 versus Trueflame’s 75.

What is the best weapon in Morrowind?

The Daedric Dai-katana is one of the coolest weapons you can get, as well as one of the “easiest” to get when it comes to late-game equipment. One of the beautiful things about Morrowind is that almost any weapon will serve you well regardless of your level.