How do I track an air freight shipment?

To track your air cargo, visit the airline website’s track shipments section and input your Airway Bill (AWB) number to get details of the cargo’s air route, a tracking report, status update, and estimated time of arrival for your shipment.

How much does a cargo carrier make?

Air Cargo Carriers Salary FAQs The average Air Cargo Carriers salary ranges from approximately $68,105 per year for a Captain to $68,105 per year for a Captain. The average Air Cargo Carriers hourly pay ranges from approximately $32 per hour for a Captain to $32 per hour for a Captain.

Who is Atsg?

Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) is an American aviation holding company which provides air cargo transportation and related services to domestic and foreign air carriers and other companies that outsource their air cargo lift requirements.

What are air cargo carriers?

All-Cargo Freighter Airlines is a carrier that transports cargo only. All-cargo carriers include Evergreen, Polar Air Cargo, Kalitta, Cargolux, and Atlas Air Cargo. They generally operate in a scheduled wide-body or containerized cargo aircraft from one airport to another.

What is DHL Air Waybill number?

Your new DHL Express air waybill will be identified by a unique 10-digit code known as your AWB number. It acts as the reference for your shipment in the event that you need to communicate with us for anything about your shipment!

How much weight can a cargo carrier hold?

Hitch Classes

Hitch Class Tongue Weight Capacity* Towing Capacity*
Class I 100 – 150 lbs 1,000 – 1,500 lbs
Class II 200-350 lbs 2,000 – 3,500 lbs
Class III 350-500 lbs 7,500 lbs
Class IV 500+ lbs 10,000 lbs

How many planes does Atsg?

117 aircraft
It has a combined fleet of 117 aircraft, including 98 B767s, four combination planes for main-deck cargo and passengers, and 15 passenger aircraft. DHL last month extended its ATSG lease arrangement for five 767-300s for another five years, and by the end of 2022 ATSG will be supplying it a total of 15 aircraft.

What does Atsg stand for?


Acronym Definition
ATSG Air Transportation Support Group
ATSG Adaptive Two-point Stepsize Gradient
ATSG Academic and Technical Services Group
ATSG American Thoracic Society Guidelines

Who is the biggest air cargo company?

FedEx Express
FedEx Express is the largest cargo airline in the world.