How do I update my Onkyo TX-NR636 firmware?

We are pleased to offer this firmware update for the best possible performance of your AV Receiver. To check the firmware version, press the “Home” button on the front panel or remote control. Highlight “Hardware Setup” and press enter. Highlight “Firmware Update” and press enter.

How do I update Onkyo firmware via USB?


  1. Connect the USB storage device to your PC.
  2. Download the firmware file from the Onkyo website to your PC and unzip.
  3. Copy all unzipped files and folders to the root folder of the USB storage device.
  4. Make sure to copy the unzipped files.
  5. Connect the USB storage device to the USB port of the unit.

How long do Onkyo receivers last?

My expectations are that a receiver should last at least 10 years. Onkyos have tons of features, but I would take durability over features. I just replaced my Onkyo with a Pioneer (now owned by Onkyo). Hopefully it will have better durability.

What’s happened to Onkyo?

Onkyo failed to keep up with technical developments. By 2015 its products were no longer high-fidelity for modest prices. Others offered equal or superior quality at even lower prices. and Best Buy each announced that they would no longer be carrying new Onkyo models in the summer of 2020.

Is Onkyo TX nr636 a good receiver?

The Good The Onkyo TX-NR636 has a laundry list of features including Dolby Atmos support and High-Resolution Audio streaming; HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 means the receiver is potentially more future-proof than its competitors; very good sound quality; a phono input is included.

What does the qdeo tx-nr636 receiver do?

This receiver has HDMI supporting 4K/60 Hz and 21:9 display format and HDCP 2.2 copy-protection compatibility. Qdeo upscaling technology also converts low-res DVDs and games into pin-sharp Full HD or 4K (if you have an Ultra HD display). TX-NR636 paves the way for Ultra HD video playback at a liquid-smooth 60 frames per second.

Does the tx-nr636 support 4k/60hz?

The TX-NR636 is the first receiver to boast not only the latest HDMI connections supporting 4K/60Hz and 21:9 format but also the latest DMR copy protection compatibility, HDCP 2.2.

Can the cr-n765 receiver play Hi-Res audio?

So this receiver is perfect for your desktop as well. Hi-Res is zero hassle. The CR-N765 will handle anything from gapless 192 kHz/24-bit FLAC to native 5.6 MHz DSD seamlessly—just browse to your albums using our remote app or stream from online services or your phone directly.