How do I watch World of Tanks replays?

How to open and watch a battle replay

  1. Go to the Replays folder.
  2. Double-click the replay. You may drag the replay onto Worldoftanks.exe.

Where do I upload World of Tanks replays?

If you just want to upload the replay and show others upload it to Now if you want to upload it to youtube you have to record it using a program, I use OBS, and make sure it is a file format like MP4 that youtube can use.

How do I use WOTB replays?

Replays in Update 4.10

  1. In the new version, World of Tanks Blitz will be able to record and play videos of your battles in the test mode.
  2. To go to all recorded replays, tap the Replays button in the game side menu.
  3. There are three tabs on this screen.
  4. To watch a battle, tap the playback icon ▶ on the replay card.

How do I download World of Tanks replays?

In game bring up settings and enable replays drop down is on the left side near the bottom. This is where you find replays. To save them, you go to wotreplays and upload your replay. You’ll be able to view the after battle report and download the replay anytime.

How do you record gameplay in World of Tanks?

First of all, you’ll need to make sure World of Tanks is recording when you play. Open up the settings menu and go to the “Game” tab. You’ll see these options and you’ll want to tick “Enable battle recording.” Simple, for someone like you, a gunner with the keenest of eyes and the sharpest of aims.

How do I delete a WOTB replay?

Tap the replay card anywhere except the Play and Add to Favorites buttons. A Delete button will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Does WoT record games?

You might not be aware (I certainly wasn’t until recently) that World of Tanks can record every single game that you take part in, allowing you to review your battles later and share them online.

How do you record in World of Tanks Blitz?

How to record World of Tanks Blitz with FBX

  1. Launch FBX and go to the Capture section of the Settings tab.
  2. Start World of Tanks Blitz.
  3. When you are ready to begin recording, press the Start / Stop Recording hotkey.
  4. The recording indicator will appear in the overlay.

How do I record my game in World of Tanks?

Here is how to record a game in world of tanks with this method:

  1. Part 1. To record the last played game.
  2. Part 2: To record All the games. Go to the Settings folder.
  3. Part 3. To share the game.
  4. Download the software and Set it up.
  5. Opt to Record the Game.

Does blitz GG record gameplay?

Check it out at, and remember – We can only record games that you play with the Blitz App open!

Is Blitz App Banned?

Is Blitz legal? We’re fully Riot compliant, so you will not get banned for using Blitz. Blitz doesn’t give you any unfair advantages in-game, since you still have to play like everyone else.