How do I withdraw money from ScholarShare?

How to Do It Online

  1. Login to your account online.
  2. Select type of withdrawal:
  3. Select where the funds will be sent:
  4. Select “Partial” or “Total” account balance withdrawal.
  5. If you have more than one investment portfolio select “Prorated amount” or “By specific portfolio”
  6. Enter the Withdrawal Amount(s).

What can ScholarShare money be used for?

With ScholarShare 529, you may use your funds to pay for certain room and board costs, supplies, text books, fees and equipment. Computers and related technology such as internet access fees, software or printers are also qualified education expenses. The student must be the primary user of the equipment.

How do I use a 529 ugift code?

Just log into your 529 plan account and click on Ugift. There you can get a Ugift code for each beneficiary that friends and family can use at any time over the life of your account.

How do I gift a 529 plan?

Gift contributions can be sent by check to almost any 529 plan. Just make the check payable to the 529 plan and write the beneficiary’s name and account number on the check.

How much can you withdraw from 529 for college?

Up to $10,000 annually per student, in aggregate from all 529 plans, can be withdrawn free from federal tax if used for tuition expenses at a public, private or religious elementary, middle, or high school.

Is ScholarShare 529 good?

ScholarShare 529 beats all others because of its low cost and low fees. Most plans out there (e.g. Rowe Price College Savings, New York’s Direct Plan Account, and so on) eat away at your hard-earned savings through pesky fees. But ScholarShare 529 plan is a much more affordable option.

What is a ugift code?

Ugift allows you to send out your Ugift code to friends and family via Ugift email, Facebook, and Twitter directly from your account. You can also distribute your code or printed invitations any way you want — in person, over the phone, etc.

Is ugift safe?

Secure: Unlike many other gifting programs, gift givers don’t have to join, register or pay a service fee. Popular: Thousands of families around the country have already received millions of dollars in contributions through Ugift.

Can I contribute to a 529 online?

If your 529 account is with Fidelity, you can create and share a link to your child’s personalized gift page with family and friends. From there, they can easily gift money online using an electronic check if they want to contribute.

Can I open a 529 for friend?

Anyone can open and fund a 529 savings plan—the student, parents, grandparents, or other friends and relatives.