How do you add a legend to a plot in MATLAB?

Set the DisplayName property as a name-value pair when calling the plotting functions. Then, call the legend command to create the legend. Legends automatically update when you add or delete a data series. If you add more data to the axes, use the DisplayName property to specify the labels.

What does legend function do in MATLAB?

legend creates a legend with descriptive labels for each plotted data series. For the labels, the legend uses the text from the DisplayName properties of the data series. If the DisplayName property is empty, then the legend uses a label of the form ‘dataN’ .

Which function is used to show legend?

Answer: The command used to show legends is display.

What is legend in a plot?

Plot legends give meaning to a visualization, assigning meaning to the various plot elements. We previously saw how to create a simple legend; here we’ll take a look at customizing the placement and aesthetics of the legend in Matplotlib.

How do I show the legend in Matplotlib?

Location and legend drawn flags can help to find a location and make the flag True for the border. Set the legend with “blue” and “orange” elements. To show the figure use plt. show() method.

Which argument must be set with plotting functions for legend ()?

Arguments. the x and y co-ordinates to be used to position the legend. They can be specified by keyword or in any way which is accepted by xy.

How do you edit a legend in MATLAB?

If you double-click on a text label in a legend, MATLAB opens a text editing box around all the text labels in the legend. You can edit any of the text labels in the legend. To access the properties of these text objects, right-click on a text label and select Properties from the context-sensitive pop-up menu.

How to make a legend in MATLAB?

Define x by specifying the range for variable x for which the function will be plotted.

  • Define the function,that is,y = (x)
  • Call us Plan Assign,command Plan (x,y)
  • How to include a legend in MATLAB?

    north: This is used to plot the legend in top of the axes or chart and is placed inside of the chart.

  • northeast: This is used to plot the legend in the top right of the axes or chart.
  • northwest: This is used to plot the legend in the top left of the axes or chart.
  • northoutside: This is used to plot the legend on top of the axes and it is outside.
  • How to put the legend out of Matplotlib plot?

    – Put legend outside plot matplotlib – Matplotlib set legend outside plot – Matplotlib set legend center-left outside plot – Matplotlib set legend lower-center outside plot – Matplotlib set subplots legend outside – Sns put legend outside plot matplotlib – Sns set legend upper-left outside plot

    How to add an independent text in MATLAB plot legend?

    I want to plot several functions,some are shown as solid lines and some as dotted lines

  • I added a legend to name these lines by color
  • Now I want to explain what the normal,solid lines are standing for and what the dotted-lines are standing for
  • I want to do this by adding a second legend (in an own “legend-window”) to the figure