How do you apply Solignum to soil?

Product details. Solignum Soil Guard is used on floor by mixing with water (1:200) poured or sprayed into soil to prevent and eliminate termites and insects. It is also suitable for on ground wood construction in tropical climate.

What is Solignum soil guard?

Product Summary. A highly concentrate soil termiticide product that is used to treat soil below and adjacent to buildings to control attack of building timbers by subterranean termites.

How long does Solignum last?

five years
Solignum, which is being distributed by Jardine Philippines, will prevent attacks from termites, wood borers and fungi as it has combined insecticidal and fungicidal properties, allowing wood to stay free from termite damage for at least five years.

How do you dilute Solignum?

Soil Treatment Solignum Soilguard is a water-dilutable concentrate which is easily prepared for use on site. It must be stirred gently and then diluted by adding 1 part of Soilguard to 39 parts of water. Highly effective against subterranean termites.

What is Solignum used for?

Solignum Wood Preservative penetrates the wood providing protection from the natural enemies of timber – wood rot, fungal decay, wood boring insects and / or termites. Recommended for use on joinery, floorboards, joists, fascia’s, fences, gates, structural timbers such as roof trusses, garden sheds etc.

Is Solignum harmful to plants?

Solignum Colourless, a clear wood preservative for the treatment of new and existing external and internal timbers out of ground contact and above the damp proof course. When dry, treated timber is not harmful to garden plants.

Is Solignum harmful to humans?

Risk of serious damage to eyes. Vapours/aerosol spray may irritate the respiratory system. Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking. Droplets of the product aspirated into the lungs through ingestion or vomiting may cause a serious chemical pneumonia.

How do you get rid of termites in a potted plant?

Pretty much everyone has cayenne pepper or white vinegar in their home. Just mix them with water or lemon juice and then spray the mixture on the potted plants for a few days. Soon enough, all the termites will be dead.

How do I get rid of termites in my soil naturally?

Here are a few natural treatments you can try for termite control:

  1. Nematodes. Nematodes are parasitic worms that love to munch on termites.
  2. Vinegar. Vinegar is the wonder material for your home.
  3. Borates.
  4. Orange Oil.
  5. Wet Cardboard.
  6. Sunlight.
  7. Perimeter Barrier.
  8. Take Preventive Measures.

Does potting soil attract termites?

Potted plants release moisture which is absorbed by nearby ground soil. The resultant moist hotspots are known for attracting termites, and this problem is especially common during the summer months.

Is Solignum safe for plants?