How do you beat short lived in BTD5?

BTD5 Flash Only Method

  1. From rounds 1-10, get a 3-0 Tack Shooter on the first curve of the track.
  2. From rounds 11-20, replace the 3-0 Tack Shooter and do the same as Step 1.
  3. From rounds 21-30, replace the Tack Sprayer with a Ring of Fire and use Road Spikes/Spike Factory to clean up bloons that get past.

What is the best strategy for Btd 5?

5. Strategy 5

  • Before Round 1) Ninja Monkey at the beginning.
  • Before Round 2) Glue gunner 2/1 above the ninja monkey.
  • During Round 3) Buy a 0/3 Buccaneer.
  • During Round 4) Get 2 more 0/3 Buccaneers and put some road spikes at the end.
  • During Round 5) Use the MOAB Take Down abilities 3 times.

How do you beat there can only be one in BTD5?

  1. Buy a Bomb Tower and place it in the small circle with the Tack Shooter and Dart Monkey.
  2. Buy an Ice Tower and place it between the dot and the top-left arc of the bottom-right circle.
  3. Upgrade Tack Shooter to 4/0 (Ring of Fire).
  4. Upgrade Super Monkey to 2/3 (Robo-Monkey).
  5. Buy a Monkey Ace and place it dead center.

Are banana farms worth it BTD5?

In BTD5 the Banana Plantation generates $260 cash ($280 in iOS) per round. With Valuable Bananas you can grow up the reward to 150%. With Banana Investments Advisory, you can get to 20000 cash waiting 8-9 rounds (and 7 rounds to earn its cost), and buying 5 you can get 100000, enough to earn a Temple of the Monkey God.

Can elite defender pop leads?

Upon selling the Monkey Village, Elite Defender can be bought. However, this strategy no longer works as the 0-2-5 Elite defender can no longer pop lead bloons.

What does monkey knowledge there can only be one do?

There Can Only Be One unlocks the dark, more powerful version, Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey (but is disabled whenever Monkey Knowledge is disabled such as CHIMPS or Advanced Challenges that disable it).

How do you beat Impoppable in BTD5?

To ensure the win, placing down a Monkey Village upgraded to 2-3 and spamming Apache Dartship (BTD5) should clean up every round past this. In general, 5 should be able to beat most rounds with ease.