How do you carrom the ball in cricket?

The ball is released by flicking it between the thumb and a bent middle finger in order to impart spin. Generally the carrom ball if delivered correctly by a right arm off spinner,moves away from a right handed batsman and if delivered by a left arm spinner moves into the right hand batsman.

Who is the king of carrom ball in cricket?

Ravichandran Ashwin has been one of India’s most prominent bowlers. Ashwin has inarguably been the finest exponent of the carrom ball.

How do you give a googly ball?

Unlike a normal leg-break, a googly is delivered out of the back of the hand, with the wrist 180 degrees to the ground.

  1. Hold the ball as if you’re about to bowl a normal leg-break.
  2. At the point of release, the palm of your hand should be open upwards, towards the sky, with the back of your hand facing the batsman.

What is difference between googly and carrom ball?

A carrom ball turns from leg to off; usually bowled by an offspinner to surprise the batsman. A googly turns from off to leg bowled by a legspinner for the same purpose.

How does a carrom ball work?

When the centre finger is gripped towards the leg side, the ball spins from leg to off; when the centre finger is gripped towards the off side, the ball spins from off to leg. Depending on the degree the ball is gripped towards the leg side, the carrom ball could also travel straight.

Who invented knuckleball in cricket?

Jeetan Sareen
Though Jeetan Sareen developed the knuckle ball for cricket as early as 1989, the Knuckle ball was first introduced to the world stage by India’s Zaheer Khan in the 2011 Cricket World Cup . Bowlers who often use the knuckleball include India’s Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Deepak Chahar and Australia’s Andrew Tye.

Who bowled first carrom ball?

Origin and history. The first bowler known to have used this style of delivery was the Australian Jack Iverson from Victoria, who used it throughout his Test cricket career in the period after the Second World War, although he did not use the name “carrom ball”.