How do you check heap memory in WebLogic console?

Checking Heap Usage: Sign on to the Weblogic Administration Console by entering the following URL in a browser: http://funoracle.lab:7001/console. Expand your WebLogic domain then expand Servers. Click the server you intend to monitor. Select the Monitoring tab, and the Performance sub-tab.

How do I change Java memory arguments in WebLogic?

You can change the default JVM heap size to fit the needs of your deployment….To change the WebLogic JVM heap size:

  1. Open the setDomainEnv file in a text editor.
  2. Search for this comment line:
  3. Immediately after the comment line, add one of these lines:
  4. Save the file.
  5. Re-start WebLogic Server.

How do I set the heap size in WebLogic console?


  1. Stop your application server.
  2. Open the startWebLogic script file.
  3. Find the following line and alter the values to suit your server usage. You can override the default heap size by using the -Xms and -Xmx switches to specify the initial and maximum sizes.

What is XMX and XMS in WebLogic?

Xmx – is the max size of the heap. Xms – is the initial size of the heap.( give it the same as Xmx ) XX:MaxPermSize – is is used to hold reflective of the VM itself such as class objects and method objects ( it’s independent from the heap size,, give it the 1/3 to 1/4 of the Xms size depend in your classes size)

What is garbage collection in WebLogic?

Memory management, known as “garbage collection” is the process of clearing “dead” objects from the heap, thus releasing that space for new objects.

How do I add Java options to setDomainEnv sh?

  1. Install Oracle Java Development Kit.
  2. Install Oracle WebLogic Server.
  3. Create Database Schemas to Use with Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  4. Create a WebLogic Server Domain for Oracle DMW.
  5. Copy runtime12.jar into the Domain’s lib Directory.
  6. Edit
  7. Change the Default Timeout Period (Optional)
  8. Restart the WebLogic Server.

What is xms XMX MaxPermSize?

-Xms -Xmx -XX:MaxPermSize. These three settings control the amount of memory available to the JVM initially, the maximum amount of memory into which the JVM can grow, and the separate area of the heap called Permanent Generation space. The first two settings should be set to the same value.

What is the maximum memory limit in WebLogic?

The default maximum heap size is -Xms 2 (in megabytes), up to 75% of the physical memory; for example, if -Xms is 8MB, the default maximum heap size will be 8MB2, or 64MB; if -Xms is 128MB, the default maximum heap size would be 1282, or 16384MB (16 GB).

What is the size of heap?

The default heap size is 1 MB. The linker rounds up the specified value to the nearest 4 bytes. The optional commit argument specifies the amount of physical memory to allocate at a time. Committed virtual memory causes space to be reserved in the paging file.