How do you complete the silence has been broken?


  1. Speak with Astrid.
  2. Speak with Amaund Motierre.
  3. Talk to Rexus.
  4. Deliver the letter and amulet to Astrid.
  5. Show the amulet to Delvin Mallory.
  6. Report back to Astrid.

What happens if you read sealed letter Skyrim?

If you read this letter before presenting it and the Jeweled Amulet to Astrid, she will comment on how the sealed letter was strangely unsealed just before the quest “Bound Until Death” starts, and she will assume that the Dragonborn already knows what to do.

What do I need to open Elder Cairn door?

At the rear of the room are many lit candles on stands. On the left arm of the throne is a copy of the One-handed skill book Mace Etiquette, and above the throne is a ceremonial axe, one of two replicas of the two weapons carried by Kvenel the Tongue that are needed to unlock the door to the Elder’s Cairn.

How do I complete the Silver Hand quest in Skyrim?

The Silver Hand

  1. Talk to Skjor.
  2. Meet with Skjor at night.
  3. Enter the Underforge.
  4. Participate in the blood ritual.
  5. Talk to Aela the Huntress.
  6. Kill the Werewolf hunters.
  7. Talk to Aela the Huntress.

How do you get Volunruud?

It can be reached by walking carefully around the small ledge jutting out from the rock pillar, or by using the shout Whirlwind Sprint from the bridge. Once finished, the Volunruud main room can be used to exit.

Who is emperor in Skyrim?

Emperor Titus Mede II is the current Emperor of Tamriel at the time Skyrim takes place. He is an aged, wise and powerful man, who is forced into visiting Skyrim by the Dark Brotherhood, upon the command of Amaund Motierre.

Where is the axe for elder Cairn door?

The Ceremonial Axe can be found on the wall of a room filled with spike traps. The axe is guarded by a few leveled draugr. The Ceremonial Sword is found in a coffin inside a different room.

Where can I find the Silence has been broken?

You’ll get The Silence Has Been Broken from Astrid in Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary after Whispers In The Dark . Astrid wants you to speak with Amaund Motierre at Volunruud.

How do I solve the Silence Broken Quest in divinity 1?

: DivinityOriginalSin Silence broken quest. Are spoilers. SPOILERS – the easy solution to this quest is to go to the school at Arx, one of the notes / books tells you the name of the child (Iris) which then lets you exorcise the demon and fight it. Good luck!

How do I start the silenced tongues quest?

Head inside this dungeon to find a brown leather -bound journal sitting right at the entrance. Inspecting this begins Silenced Tongues, which can be done simultaneously with this quest.

Is it possible to UN-complete a quest?

It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) quest stages, but it is possible to clear all stages of the quest using resetquest DB04a.