How do you decorate a contemporary fireplace mantel?

A mirror, artwork, or some other centralized piece is a perfect place to start. This will create a focal point and an anchor for you to build symmetry from. Then frame your focal point with visually balanced decor on either side of your mantel. This could be lanterns, candles, or vases with foliage.

How do I decorate my mantel 2021?

For an easy fireplace mantel decorating idea, hang a mirror in the middle and a sconce on either side. Anchor the mantel with a larger vase in front of the mirror and fill in with smaller accessories, such as vases, candlesticks, and decorative objects. Pick up on colors and materials found elsewhere in the room.

How does Joanna Gaines decorate a fireplace mantel?

“Plants or faux greenery add life and movement to your mantel. I typically like to stick to one type of stem, even if the vases are different,” notes Gaines, who’s a big proponent of fake flowers.

What looks good on a fireplace mantel?

Great Items for Fireplace Mantel Decorating

  • Picture frames.
  • Candlesticks.
  • Statues.
  • Vases.
  • Clocks.
  • Decorative boxes.
  • Framed prints, paintings, and mirrors (lean them against the back wall for a casual look, then layer smaller pieces in front of them)
  • Decorative plates (on stands)

How do I organize my mantel?


  1. Treat the mantel as you would a piece of furniture.
  2. Use items of different shapes and sizes.
  3. Layer items in front of each other.
  4. Create a formal display with symmetry.
  5. Give your display room to breathe.
  6. In most displays, odds are usually better than evens.
  7. Lean items like framed art and mirrors against the wall.

How do you style a mantle?

The easiest way to create a stylish mantel is a symmetrical arrangement. Whatever you put on the left side of the mantel, you mirror exactly on the right side. Symmetry works for any mantel and style, but it’s especially suited to symmetrical rooms and formal spaces.

What should I hang above my fireplace?

OVERSIZE MIRRORS Mirrors are probably the number one most common thing to see above a fireplace. They do a wonderful job of bouncing light around a room and don’t require a color commitment. My tip though, is to be careful what your mirror reflects.

How do you arrange pictures on a fireplace mantel?


  1. Choose picture frames in various sizes and shapes.
  2. Fit the photos into the frames.
  3. Divide the framed pictures into two groups, each with the same number and type of frames.
  4. Place the two groups of photos at either end of the mantel.
  5. Arrange each group of photos the same way to create a symmetrical design.

How many items should be on a mantel?

To keep the mantel from looking cluttered, it’s best to use large decorative items. You only need a few large items to fill a mantel. Small items lead to a cluttered look. You’ll notice in most of the formulas below there are only 3-5 objects resting directly on the mantel.