How do you default a 4 panel Concord?

To get the installer codes you have a few options. You could: Attempt to use the default codes – usual suspects here are 4321 (default), 1234, 1111, 4112, 6321 (that’s one ADT was known to use), and 0602 (SCM monitoring used this as a default)

How do you program a Concord Express?

GE / ITI / UC Concord Express Program

  1. While powered up plug in Programmer Keypad.
  2. Enable Programmer Keypad by entering 8 + Installer Code + 02.
  3. Press 8 + Installer Code + 00, keypad says “SYSTEM PROGRAMMING”

How do you do the phone test on a Concord 4?

To run a cellular comm test on an GE Interlogix Concord 4 hybrid system Press 8 + Installer Code (default 4321) + 2, then disarm the system immediately, This procedure will initiate the comm test on your Concord 4.

How do I change Master Code in Concord 4?

Alphanumeric LCD Keypads

  1. Press 9 then enter the Master Code to display SYSTEM MENU then TIME-DATE.
  2. Press A or B buttons until USER CODES then press #, REG CODES displays.
  3. Press A or B button to scroll to SYSTEM MASTER CODE then press # to select.
  4. Enter new Master Code then press # to save.

What does alarm protesting mean?

If PROTEST flashes and keypad beeps when you try to arm your system, there is an open zone. Press the * button to easily discover which zone is open and close it before trying to arm the system. If the * button is flashing, it can mean that a zone is open or there is a trouble.

How do I change my master code on Concord Express?

How do Concord 4 series security systems communicate with the Touchpads?

2 Concord 4 Series Security Systems Communicating with the System Touchpads let you communicate with the system (Figure 2). Figure 2. Touchpads Alphanumeric and Fixed Display Touchpads Alphanumeric touchpads are mounted on a wall and provide system information by LEDs and/or displaying text messages.

What is the Interlogix Concord 4 touchscreen?

The Concord 4 TouchScreen from Interlogix® is a color LCD screen that complements Concord 4 security systems for additional safety and peace of mind. The easy-to-use touch screen provides system owners with at-a-glance home status information, letting them easily and conveniently control the basic functionality of their Concord 4 system.

How do I program the 78 Concord 4?

Chapter 3: Programming 78 Concord 4 Installation Manual Onboard options menu The Onboard options menu includes input, output programming, and output text settings. Onboard options – inputs settings Smoke verify Shortcut: 1100 Default: Off This setting control the number of sensor group 26 (fire) zone trips needed to report a fire alarm.

What are the output text shortcuts in the Concord 4 installation manual?

Chapter 3: Programming Concord 4 Installation Manual 77 Output text Shortcut: 10120 to 10123 Default: None Entering text for an output allows the user to control it directly or by schedule. Use the following guidelines to name SnapCard outputs: • Use the item numbers that appear in Table 25 on page 134 for characters and words listed there.