How do you escape the steel cage 2K22?

  1. When the wrestler is perched at the top of the cage, press the RB/R1 to initiate the escape mini-game.
  2. Once the wrestler’s feet hit the floor on the outside, the match is won.

How do you open the cage in WWE 2K22?

How to Escape Hell in a Cell in WWE 2K22

  1. To break the Hell in a Cell walls with a Cell Breakout Finisher, press + on Xbox, or + on PlayStation, with your opponent stunned near a breakable corner of the cell.
  2. Once one of the walls is destroyed, you can escape the HIAC cage by pressing / .

How do you win a steel cage match?

In professional wrestling, steel cage matches are rather straightforward. To win, you can try to pin or subdue your opponent inside the cage. Or, you can try to escape the cage by exiting the front door or exiting the structure.

How do you break the cell roof in WWE 2K22?

To break the Cell Wall and make your way outside, do the above to the sections at the corners of the Cell. After enough damage, the panel will break and you make your way outside by pressing R1 or RB near the hole. If you have a finisher stored and the panel hasn’t broken, you can land a Cell finisher to bust through.

How do you collect money in steel cage battlegrounds?

Steel Cage WWE 2K Battlegrounds has a unique take on this match type. The goal here is to pick up the money bags in the ring or those attached to the cage (you need to climb the cage and hold L1 for this). Once you’ve collected five and filled up your meter, you could then escape.

How do you climb steel cage battlegrounds?

To grab those, just move your wrestler towards it using the left stick. Once you have fully filled the Money Bar, you then can attempt to leave the cage. Scale your way up the cage by, and then press and hold the button that appears on the screen once you reach the top.