How do you find the Queen of Cards?


  1. Balamb Town – outside the train station.
  2. Dollet – Dollet Pub.
  3. Galbadia – Deling City Hotel.
  4. Fishermans Horizon – by the save point.
  5. Trabia – Shumi Village Inn.
  6. Centra – Winhill Hotel.
  7. Esthar – Esthar City Presidential Palace.
  8. “Far Away” – Lunar Gate.

How do you win the card game in FF8?

Multiple cards may change color during a turn. Once the grid is filled with cards, the game is determined to be a win/loss or a draw. At this point, the player that has the most cards of their color on the grid wins the game.

Can you card Ifrit FF8?

As a Level 8 GF card, Ifrit has pretty good values with a 9 and an 8. It is likely one of the first, if not the first, high level card the player will acquire, and thus likely sees a lot of play in the minigame.

Where is the card queen ff8?

Initially, you’ll find her standing on the right side of the steps to the train station in Balamb. She’ll remain glued to this spot until you lose one of your high-level cards (Level 8 and higher) to her in a game of Triple Triad.

How do you get the Alexander card in ff8?


  1. Win from Piet in the Lunar Base or its crash site.
  2. Win from the CC Group in the Ragnarok airship in endgame.

What is the point of the card game in ff8?

Triple Triad is played on a 3×3 grid, with both players having selected or randomly distributed five cards as their hand for the game. The goal is to use the values on the card to turn over an opponent’s red cards to blue, and end up with more blue cards on the board until the 3×3 board is completely filled with cards.

How do I get a rinoa card?


  1. Win from General Caraway after losing the Ifrit card to him.
  2. Win from the CC Group in the Ragnarok airship in endgame.

Where is Martine ff8?

Martine, grateful for the locals’ sympathy and support, remains. He can often be found sitting outside Mayor Dobe’s house.