How do you get a big teddy bear in Fallout 3?

Giant teddy bears can be found in the Red Racer factory and at SatCom Array NN-03d. The teddy bear at the Red Racer factory can be found on a hanging tricycle; the player character must shoot the bear down, or jump up to it using the nearby barrels.

Where is the boomers teddy bear?

Talk to Lindsay, a Mini Boomer at Nellis Air Force Base, and she will ask the Courier to help find her missing teddy bear. In the hangar, where Loyal and Jack work, there will be a large circle of crates in the middle of the room. Walk around these and look through between them until Mister Cuddles is found.

Where can I find a toy car in Fallout 3?


Map location Description
Mothership Zeta 36-40 in the maintenance area.
Old Olney underground On a shelf above an Average locked safe.
The raid shack Sitting on the mattress upstairs in the left bedroom on the floor.
Super-Duper Mart On a shelf under the counter in front of the pharmacy door.

How do you get a teddy bear in fallout shelter?


  1. Found by dwellers exploring the wasteland.
  2. Finding them randomly during quests.
  3. From quest rewards.
  4. Breakdown outfits.

Where is turpentine in Fallout 3?

On the bottom of a shelf in the far left corner of an unnamed room. Usually two to four in abandoned grocers. Willy’s grocer – Two can be found on a shelf just left of the entrance.

What can you do with scrap metal Fallout 3?

In the base game, scrap metal plays no further role in the game than collecting for certain people. In The Pitt, the ammo press can also be used to melt scrap metal down into ammunition. Scrap metal is very useful in the presses due to it yielding more ammunition than scrap put in.

Who Mr Cuddles?

Mister Cuddles is located in the south hangar where the B-29 is being rebuilt. It is the same location that Loyal and Jack are usually found. In the middle of the hanger, there are several green crates stacked up in a haphazard way. Mister Cuddles is located amongst these crates on the ground.

What happens if you lie to Janet New Vegas?

Janet can be lied to with a successful 55 Speech check, telling her that she is expected at the base and that it’s safe to go to Jack before arranging for her to do so safely. Doing so will fail the quest, earning negative Karma and resulting in Janet’s death as she attempts to approach Nellis.

Where is the crutch in Fallout 3?


  • There are several in Our Lady of Hope Hospital, usually near surgery tables.
  • Two are located inside Pinkerton’s lab by the surgery table.
  • Two can be found in the clinic area of the Anchorage Memorial facility, on the ground next to the shelves.

Where can I find a paint gun in Fallout 3?

Locations. Paint guns are found throughout the Capital Wasteland. They are reliably found in toolboxes, metal boxes, around workbenches, and in raider camps. They are also sometimes sold by “miscellaneous” vendors like Crazy Wolfgang, Knick Knack, Karl, and Seagrave Holmes.

How many teddy bears are there in Fallout 4?

Six can be found in the dressing room in King Cola’s Court in Nuka-World. One bear is brushing another bear’s fur, one is sleeping, another is reading and the last two bears are playing checkers. One can be found next to Jangles the Moon Monkey on the MS Azalea.

How many teddy bears are in Fallout New Vegas?

nine teddy bears
There are nine teddy bears in all.